STL issues indictment

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The long-awaited indictment for the Rafic Hariri assasination was finally released today accusing four Lebanese members of the Hezbollah party of Hariri’s murder. [Link]

Funnily enough, I was just reading an article on how Lebanon needs more tourists this summer. [Link]

I am guessing that’s not gonna happen.

10 thoughts on “STL issues indictment

  1. Najib Post author

    Our summers have unfortunatelly been dictated by political issues …. We ve been talking about how great this summer is gonna be and now this …

    Nothing really political here except hoping our summer won’t be that bad.

  2. Mark

    I noticed there weren’t that many tourists while I was in Lebanon. I know Ramdan starts early August and people usually like to be back home when Ramadan starts but not sure why there aren’t many tourists before Ramadan.

  3. A

    While I think that with no tourists in Lebanon will be bad for our economy, I cannot help but think that Lebanon has mainly become a tourist/service country, which became insanely expensive for us because of this.. Maybe this year if we don’t have tourists, the prices will drop??? one can only hope 😛

  4. jeff

    This is not politics. This is reality. It is high time that the objection front stop the nonsense and face reality!

  5. Alf

    Mark, I work in the hospitality industry. so far, June has been very good in terms of occupancy. There are tourists. The Turkish have been coming in big numbers (Maybe that;s why u;re not able to spot them, they look like us…).
    We are still hoping and we were expecting (before the indictment) that July will be a good month. August is definitely low season due to Ramadan.

  6. Wael

    well, tourism can be postponed for few months, it’s not more important than justice; u know that if there’s no justice, it means these assassinations will go on and every few months, tourism will be affected..
    but when justice is realised, it means that no more non-stabilized situations and no more murders, it means that tourists will trust coming to Lebanon, which result a big increase in their numbers.

    then I prefer to not have tourism, than to face every few months any assassination of our political leaders, and to be anxied everytime one of my family or friends or myself went to a place if he will ever go back safe… or he will be killed with one of these murders, and last important reason, justice is for keeping our democratic life, and the right to have a different opinion.


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