Strange accident

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Not sure what the guy was doing so that his car flipped like that. It wasn’t even on the main road it was on a bridge.

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  1. Ronman

    I saw that crash and was wondering how that Megane ended on its side, now that i see the other side, it’s obvious.

    some other car knicked him on the low end of the driver door, he was already turning right, and hit from a low point upward on the left side goign right and it’s a recipe for a flip.

    the car that hit him was most possibly full on the brakes diving into himand then when the car stops the front end lifts and physics takes over…

    I saw the guy jumping out of the car like a monkey, so he’s not harmed possibly the speed was pretty low. because even the impact damage is not what you would call severe.

    or yeah you can say what LebExile did and say speeding… if a guy gets run-over by a parked car, Lebanese bystanders would say.. akid ken 3am byesra3…Speeding of course

  2. Mark

    I saw the cop there go all psycho on this woman. He was stopping traffic and she continued driving straight so he shouted at her and kicked her car hard as she drove by quickly. We’ve got cops with road rage!


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