Straw Hat Legacy

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Straw Hat Legacy is an iPhone/iPad game designed by a Lebanese indie developer called EvilEggPlant Studios. I guess the Arabic for that would be الباذنجان الشريرة?

Anyway, EvilEggPlant was started up by two guys, Wael Ouaijan and Avak Avakian and Straw Hat Legacy is their first game release. You can watch the video of the game above or download it from the Apple Store [Here]

My brother also has an interview with them which you can check out on his blog [Here]

4 thoughts on “Straw Hat Legacy

  1. Alex

    What’s lame about it?
    It doesn’t look like a top end iPhone game but it doesn’t look too bad either. But well can’t really get an opinion without trying it first hand.
    For a 2man project, it looks pretty decent, though. Too bad its not on Android 🙁

    Good to see some people trying to develop the gaming market in Lebanon.

  2. Patrick

    It plays better than it looks in that Youtube video and it is pretty addictive. So that’s two great combinations to have in an iOS game.

    It’s also a good start for a new company 🙂


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