Suzanne Tamim's Family Drops Case against Murderers

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I can’t believe parents would sell out their own daughter for some money. There can’t be any other explanation to this piece of news to be honest.

The family of slain Lebanese pop diva Suzanne Tamim has dropped its lawsuit against an Egyptian real estate mogul and former policeman accused of her murder, a judicial official said on Friday.


It is not like the suspects were not yet convicted. They were given the death penalty over a year ago!

The man behind the killing is an egyptian tycoon and billionaire named Hisham Talaat Moustafa. He paid Muhsin Sukkari $2m (£1.3m) to kill Suzanne Tamim in Dubai in July 2008.
I wonder how much did he pay her parents to drop the case.

Check out the reaction of Suzanne’s father when the murderer was sentenced to death:

At the time of the lower court ruling, Abdul Sattar Tamim, the slain singer’s father, said the family was satisfied with the verdict and awaiting the approval of Egypt’s mufti, or Sunni religious leader.

And after dropping the case:

The singer’s family said its previous statement to the court that accused Mustafa of “inciting the murder of Suzanne Tamim is an unfounded assumption,” according to the same judicial source.

Someone should sue this family.

5 thoughts on “Suzanne Tamim's Family Drops Case against Murderers

  1. wissal

    I approve, they should be ashamed of themselves, they have caused her grief when she was alive and now this!? they’re the worst parents ever, they inherited all her monney, but apparently it’s not enough for them!!? someone should tell them that this money is stained with blood because if it weren’t for this money, their daughter would’ve been alive, but i guess they don’t care.
    In fact, I feel more attached to her than them, and I’m angry of all these criminals and money worshippers.
    i hope they all burn in hell

  2. Mark

    Well they’re dropping their civil suit which I am guessing was for financial reasons. They probably settled out of court for a less amount but quicker transaction.

    But just want to confirm something, this does not mean he will be set free right?

  3. Meriem

    No this doesnt mean he is going to be set free. Civil cases are mostly intended to get monetary and not punitive damages and most of the time are sought after by individuals; in this case Suzanne’s family. Criminal charges are sought after by the government or the state, and the outcome is punitive. Since Tamim’s family dropped the civil suit, this means they r demanding any money, HINT, they setteled out of court and got a bigger amount of $ to change what they have to say.. the criminal charges are still existant, and they r not off the hook!

  4. Blue

    SHAME! Egyptian tycoon Hisham Talaat Moustafa, has been sentenced to just 15 years for the murder of singer Suzanne Tamim, after a retrial…. Egyption tycoon hisham moustafa gets 15 years in jail for killing Suzanne tamim! What a joke!! Egyption courts = fail injustice.

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