Take action, Make animal abuse illegal!

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The treatment of animals is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and each other. There’s a lack of awareness in Lebanon on how to treat animals and endangered species and there’s an imminent need for a National animal protection and welfare legislation.

This is where Animals Lebanon have been doing an incredible job over the past two years and have finally managed to prepare and present a draft animal welfare and protection law to the Minister of Agriculture and all parliamentarians on November 24th. [Link]

In order for that law to become a reality, Animals Lebanon needs to secure 25,000 signatures and meet individually with Parliamentarians, while cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture to see the draft proceed as quickly as possible.

There are 6317 signature so far, so I ask you all to spread the message and sign the online petition [Here].

4 thoughts on “Take action, Make animal abuse illegal!

  1. nadine

    with all due respect to animals and endangered species, don’t you think we should set our priorities first? like have a clear law on Maids in Lebanon? you know, those HUMAN BEINGS, who “fall” from the 3rd floor, or “dissappear” and never make it back to their countries, and who spend days and days without food???
    Don’t get me wrong, i’m happy and proud to see that things are moving concerning the animals, but the treatment of maids in lebanon, is reflecting VERY BADLY on our image as lebanese, and something must be done ASAP.

    1. Najib Post author

      The people who kill or beat their maids are the same who kill animals, are the same who violate road signs, are the same who steal and made this country uncivilized and corrupt.

      The problem is in your society and the more you raise awareness about such topics, the more you will receive responsiveness in many others.

  2. Rampurple

    I sometimes wish there was an “update” button to our laws that would just update all the laws already. Enough of all the backward laws/lack of laws we have!


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