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More than 25,000 people support the campaign to enact animal welfare law! Thank you to everyone who signed the petition to take a stand against animal abuse. Over the next weeks the petition will be presented to the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Agriculture so they know Lebanon is a country that does care about animals. Together we are going to make animal abuse illegal!

3 thoughts on “Thank you for signing the petition

  1. Vanessa F.

    What happened according to this subject? My neighbors signed a petition to kill all my cats… What can be done?!??! Im running out of time and choices !!!

  2. T

    Someone killed Myriam klink’s 7 dogs!
    Now people want to kill ur cats!
    I would kill anyone that would think of killing my dogs but i’m crazy that way!
    U try to contact Apaf or beta
    And if that does not work then u can always lawyer up!


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