The 6 wonders in Lebanon After Jeita Grotto

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Rank 6: Jesr el Geant (Or Nahr el Mot interchange)

It took forever to finish, it was supposed to look like this, but turned out to be a complete mess. A bridge cutting the highway in half, roads leading to nowhere or jamming other existing roads, a homemade ladder leaning against the column, and other features making it an eligible candidate for the new 7 wonders of the world.

Rank 5: The budget of weddings in Lebanon
It’s as simple as that. The minimum wage in Lebanon is 330$, the average salary is between 600-700$, and the cost of a wedding in Lebanon start at 25,000$ (Crappy wedding for 200 people).

Rank 4: Valet Parking in Beirut
They are considering forming a political alliance to take over the world as they are everywhere, drive everyone’s cars, steal the cars if they feel like it, don’t allow anyone to park anywhere, are ready for war and most importantly are international.

Rank 3: Zein el Atat & JuJuBa
He’s a fraud, his ads are terrible, he could kill you with his herbs, yet he has more branches than all Lebanese banks combined. A wonder that could only exist in Lebanon.

Rank 2: Price of Man2ouche at Zaatar w Zeit
Ever been to a French restaurant and ordered “un poussin désossé et legumes”, or in other words Djeij Msa77ab ma3 Toum wou Batata? Well ZWZ has won the hearts of all Lebanese by overpricing his Manakish and naming them in a sophisticated way. You could pay up to 10,000 LL for a Cheese Man2oushe.

Rank 1: Tirachrach Tirachrash
Name says it all.

PS: I posted this around 1 a.m and it was inspired from few messages and emails I received (none with that exact list though). I chose few wonders and spiced them up a little bit and compiled them into a post. I am not claiming authenticity for any list nor care about such things, this was written just for fun.

21 thoughts on “The 6 wonders in Lebanon After Jeita Grotto

  1. beirut drive-by

    great post and so true. i recently parked in an open spot not far from the an nahar bldg, the valet guy rushed to tell me i could not. i ignored him, he said i would get a parking ticket. i went to virgin and came back to find my car was blocked by another car. i asked the same valet guy to move the car. they are territorial and spiteful people.

  2. Johnny.B

    we are the 8th wonder, the lebanese people 😀

    we used this GROTTO (funny calling) to store weapons 😀 and now people think of what we used to consider a warehouse, a WONDER. LOL.

    what would they say if they saw the “3weimid el-zou2” 😛

  3. Najib Post author

    I was exchanging few emails with a friend and we came up with some names then got a whatsapp late at night with 3 wonders (among which 3 of the ones listed above).

    I added them up and came up with the list. Could be that my friend got also that message but I spiced them up here.

    I got the message you are talking about today by whatsapp too lol.

  4. Richard

    Valet parking haters or the enemies of wonder rank 4 can regroup now !!! All welcome to join. 3a2bel ma yektar matare7 el paid municipality parking, even those are owned by valet after hours. Shou baddna ne7ke ta ne7ke.

  5. laila

    Where did you get the number for the cost of a wedding in Lebanon? I’m writing an essay about Lebanese weddings and I would like to find out how much the average cost is. Thanks!


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