The adventures of Nataly Adas

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A friend of mine told me to check out “The adventures of Nataly Adas“. By reading just the title, you’d think it’s a website about a girl and her daily adventures, which is kinda true but in a different way.

Nataly’s boyfriend, (ex boyfriend now) Fady, found out that she was cheating on him.

So he dedicated a website to the messages he found in her phone.

I guess it’s a way to publicly humiliate her for cheating on him.

Would you do the same? [Link]

33 thoughts on “The adventures of Nataly Adas

  1. jeff

    The dude is a total loser. So she slept around with half of Beirut for two years and he just found out? It shows how much attention he was paying to her.

    My advice to him is to stop embarrassing himself further and move on. Exposing her for an alleged whore does not add anything to his life and on the contrary keeps him bleeding.

    My two cents worth.

  2. Roger

    Oh Boo hoo hoo. Get over it, you cry baby!!!

    That’s what happens when you don’t give biotches what they deserve! just sayin ..

  3. Life with Subtitles

    This is good material for legal action on the girl’s part. I don’t care about the details of the relationship, given what he’s written on the site I’m pretty sure she has grounds to sue him for all he’s worth, and honestly I hope she does.

  4. Haytham

    That is disgusting and in that particular case, I would support legal action against him. I’m usually on the liberal side of free speech for blogging but this is a personal assault and unjustified libel (unlike the outrageous law suit that benihana is pushing against a blog post). Besides, that’s only his side of the story, I’m sure she has something to say but might not be as blog savvy as her boyfriend.

  5. Dany

    The blog should be removed. She should sue him for defamation and publishing her personal chats (surely without her consent). His intentions are malicious and hurtful. If he’s pissed off, he should confide to a friend not to a blog. I really hope the names are not real.

  6. nadine

    ok… it’s LAWSUIT written all over the place.
    Seriously, he thought of starting a BLOG for this??
    She’s 18, an adult, she can do what she wants. He’s just sooooo furious she palyed him like a 2 year old… and he deserves it.
    This reminded me of the case of Nicole Ballan. I never blamed her nor felt she should be ashamed of what she did.This time it’s no different. This girl is a sex addict (an aknowledged DISEASE). You found out,and don’t like it..MOVE AWAY…and SHUT UP…you won’t save humanity by spreading the news in that ugly disgusting way. I would really love to find ONE WOMAN who would Write one hell of a boring blog to describe her boyfriend’s infidelities….i bet you will never find her….
    One thing for you FAdy: GROW UPPPPPPP
    I hope she burries you!!!!!

  7. Roger

    What’s with all the lawsuit business? I’ve always wondered if the courts in Lebanon have laws protecting people against defamation, slander and libel online.

    Here in the US of A, there is no recourse for victims of defamation under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act:

    And of course, let’s not forget about the First Amendment …

    But if you absolutely must bad mouth someone on your blog, you can always purchase an Umbrella Insurance policy for about $300 a year that will protect you against any lawsuits arising from such behavior:

    God I love this country …

  8. jeff


    You are correct. I do not think that in any country; never mind Lebanon is the place to judge an alleged promiscuous girl. She’d be shamed beyond imagination and Mr. Fady’s goal achieved. She should just ignore the wimp and seek help if what he purports is true.

  9. Marc

    Oh so now everyone is on the girl’s side just because jeff said so? I personally won’t worry about what she will do to him legally because he can use article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code which according to Wikipedia, “prohibits having sexual relations that are ‘contradicting the laws of nature,’ which is punishable by up to a year in prison. This prohibits homosexuality, along with adultery, sodomy and fornication,” to his advantage (Not that I encourage the article or anything).

    If what he posted is what actually happened, then she is one sick human being, and she deserved it. People who claim to be responsible adults who want a “commitment” should live up to that responsibility and shouldn’t use an “acknowledged disease” to hide from it. No this isn’t a free country where people are allowed to sleep with anyone they want to …AT THE SAME TIME!(unless they agree with their partners first) Why are you guys criticizing this guy? If this happened to anyone of you guys, you would probably go through a serious depression and lose it. This guy is venting and we know it, so instead of bullying him , help him. Regarding the part where he uses names of other men, I don’t think it’s right to pull people down with you if you fall, but its a good thing this dude still has enough mental stability to type anything.

    The biggest crime against humanity is stealing. You steal a life when you kill, and you steal a person’s trust and hopes when you lie. That is what the girl did when she stole this man’s hope of ever trusting or loving a person , and that is what she did when she stole other men from their girlfriends, and that is what you people are doing when you steal this person’s right to express how betrayed he feels.

  10. Eliedh

    She can’t sue him even if she wanted to, the Lebanese law does not regard stuff posted online as evidence that can be used in courts.
    That’s why when they caught the 2 guys for “defamation of the president” they had to release them after 2 days(ba3ed ma “raboowone”), they can do nothing more then this.

  11. Najib

    But if she proves that those are taken from her mobile, then she can sue him. The thing is that would she really want to go through all that trouble? and to prove what exactly?

  12. KM

    Hi everyone,,, I read the whole thing, prolly cause I’m at work after a long vacation & I’m feeling bored & nothing else to do…
    so I have a question, y don’t we look at it from a different angle… as true as this may seem & as I’m sure this shit happens all the time, nevertheless is there a possiblity this might actually be a hoax using shock advertising to jump start a random blog & in the aim of purely create a buzz, or maybe a psychological research or project these students r doing to study lebanese society, mentality & responsivness towards such a “taboo topic” (which might explain the polls btw)? this might be a mere coincidence but I was linked to their fb pages & it seems that they r interested in psychology… on the other hand, as a first reaction, wouldn’t the girl want to at least change her settings in order not to make it easy for people to check her out on fb? at least to deactivate the link in her ex’s page that leads to flaunting her face & name…
    I’m just trying to look at it from a different angle through Paradigm shift, to c if it is plausible…what do u thk?!

  13. ed

    yeah i also thought it might be a made up story when i first read it… bass anyway, i hate cheaters and i dont think it’s wrong to put the guys real names in this bec IF U WANNA SLEEP WITH SOMEONE ELSE, LEAVE UR GF/BF OR UR WIFE/HUSBAND…
    i just cant understand the concept of cheating.. sighs

  14. KM

    u can press on the pic of the girl, itl take u there, & u can press on the name of the guy which takes u to his profile…
    when u go to her profile, u will notice she had changed her profile pic…dunno y…

  15. Eliedh

    @KM, the story is True, its not a Hoax.
    Source: A common friend with the guy.(But I do not directly know the guy)

    @Najib, I am not sure about mobile stuff, it’s also electronic evidence if it’s on Whatsapp or BBM so they wont work.
    Even if those were SMSs I also think she wont go through all that trouble because , as you said, there is nothing to prove.

  16. KM

    @Eliedh, thx for the update.
    I have a coomon friend with the girl so maybe i’ll try & c her side of the story… LoL!

    I have to give it to her btw, she has courage I’ll tell u that… cause despite all of this exposure, she kept her picture & fb profile as is

  17. Mhamad

    To all those rushing to defend the girl’s right to sue the guy, I just wanna say something here:

    You obviously never felt the pain of betrayal like that, put yourselves in his sues and then tfalsafo 3a sameh lal sabe..

  18. jeff

    Marc & the rest “defending” Fady. I never said what she allegedly did was right. It is reprehensible and immoral to be in a committed relationship and cheating. I answered already why suing him is counterproductive…

    However; Fady is still a loser for exposing his daily life of two years. I wonder if he “loved” her (what a crank thinks his life is over at 20 something?…as I assume this dude is not her sugar Daddy and is around 20’s); how on earth he did not get the hints all this time.

    Anyways; keeping your dignity at the time of loss or despair reveals the strength of your character.

    We all live and learn how to love better. :D

  19. annie

    7asab ma 2rit the fucking guy Fadi said he’s addicted to sex himself but he commited himself to this relationship for love ,so what makes him better than her if he’s sick emotionallt too,byilba2o ba3d,cheap people only find cheap people to hang out with,qui se ressemble s’assemble

  20. Eliedh

    @KM, I checked her profile yesterday, she had an image as a profile pic not an actual picture of her. -not sure if that’s the pic ur talking about- Now I am at work so no FB, I’ll check the pic again tonight.

    About her courage, yeah she has “courage”, but in her case I am not really sure that’s what it called. She has a problem that’s for sure.

  21. KM

    @Eliedh yesterday I didnt check, but now it is a girl’s facial pic (prolly hers) u can check it after work.

    yeah it is prolly not courage I agree, it is her sickness of not being able to distinguish her true cognitive identity (her real self) from her alter ego or instinctive side… it’s a shame… we all have those 2 sides but we are able to control it & live in society within its norms…

  22. Rami

    To all of you supporting the girl’s cause and saying she should lawyer up, you’re probably missing out on a few very important points.

    1) I highly doubt you’ve ever been in a serious relationship with someone you’ve loved so much (and in an episode he specifically used the word serious)

    2) and -very- importantly, you’re talking about defamation (disregarding the fact that she says she likes the attention at some point), but you’re forgetting that she risked this guy’s life for 2 years. With her sleeping so much around, she risked many accounts of STDs or even AIDS. Assuming Fady didn’t use a condom after TWO years, should the guy get a deadly disease from someone he trusted so much?
    Fuck that shit.
    If she’s going to sue him for defamation, he should sue her for knowingly risking his life, even if it was a long-term deal.

    I have only respect to this Fady.

    PS: AC*D is acid, and “chiva’s” refers to a type of acid hit called shiva, more specifically a type of LSD.


    Well i should also add, that in no stated law is what he did illegal so stop with the implicite threats.
    Second blog were, still are, and unless its over my dead body will always be by creation made by and for the protection and concretion of what we all know as FREEDOM OF SPEACH.
    Third i see no counter arguments considering the facts described and supported by the very pissed author, who honestly, well who of you men out there at least could pretend not doing way worse finding out your girlfriend youve been with for 2 years has been doing all that shit?

    finally rami dude take off that PS not the issue at stake youve just opened a subject completely unrelated and useless to the subject that could nonethe less get an actual lawsuit.

  24. SEF

    Just want to say , i hope the girl is reading this,
    You know that you are a snake and you think you are not letting this affect your HiGH Position , Well I think if you are on a meaty head I think you are so high and you should stay there because it’s the highest thing you’ll ever stand on in your life .
    Regards your piatch !:D and for the guy .. just forget about women and move on with your life man whtv u do .. u won’t get who deserves your efforts


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