The Armin Van Buuren concert was epic!

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Had a great time at the Armin Van Buuren concert Saturday at Biel! The atmosphere was amazing, people were just there to have fun and enjoy the music.

The organization of the event was a bit crappy though. All the ads said: “Doors open at 9 pm, and Armin will hit the decks at 10 pm sharp”. Reality: doors opened at 9:45 pm and Armin went on stage at 12:45 am. The hosts and hostesses had to go through printed out Excel sheets to find out exactly in which area everyone was supposed to be. But apart from that I don’t think there were any glitches.
The Lebanese Red Cross was present as well. They were rushing in and out ALL THE TIME. Every couple of minutes, you’d see a crew of 4 or 5 running to the crowd, treating someone and leaving. I didn’t see anyone being taken out on a stretcher though.

The night started off a bit slow. A couple of singers came on stage (don’t know any of them though) and then Armin’s brother played the bass for a couple of minutes and at 12:45 am Armin made his grand entrance. It was really something! Amazing sound system! At one point Sophie Ellis Bextor came on stage as well (At least I think it was her, not very sure). All in all an amazing night. Had to leave at 4 am because I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime!

The section where I was sitting was right next to the door, so there was a breeze all the time, it was cold and people were wearing their jackets… except this guy who thinks everyone wants to see his giant manboobs! Douchebag on 3! 1-2-3 DOUCHEBAG!

Update: Here is a more detailed review of the night. Thanks Rhea for sharing this with us!

12 thoughts on “The Armin Van Buuren concert was epic!

  1. Johnny.B

    what’s with the “douchebag” everybody around is using it. I got the “why is it used for”, but what exactly does it mean?

  2. Rita

    Yup yup it was her!

    A SUPERB night! i stayed until the end at 7am. Had a blast!

    As for the organization part, that’s actually part of the show. They were half an hour behind schedule… doors opened at 9:30 and the show started at 10:30. They didn’t claim Armin would be at the deck at 10 but that he will start @ 10…. Apparently its a tease for 2 hours … his music playing, a couple of singers… and then his grand and magnificent entrance. I have mixed feelings about that…

    It was quite cold where I was as well… I was on the side… people in the middle sections were quite hot though..

  3. Rhéa

    Hello Chahe, how are you ?

    Very nice post you got here. I was at Armin’s concert, returned home at 8 am, and enjoyed the concert to the fullest.

    I’d like to point out the debute singers were Susanna and Ana Criado. Amazing, right ? The fireworks, fireplays, smoke, laser shows and special effects were dazzling, in my opinion.

    It did start late tho and they did mislead as the MixFm radio and internet ads stated clearly Armin would be on stage at 10 and “won’t wait for us”.

    Too bad you were in the VVIP section. 😉 I intentionally chose the Silver section because of the massive crowd and the hotness 😉 It was amazing. I regret you left at 4, because the peak was from 3.00 – 4.50, in my opinion. Breathtaking tunes as the crowd danced in harmony, and as Armin paid tribute to the Love Parade, stood up on the podium and raised the Lebanese flag. He then played the most melodic tunes of the album.

    What I personally regret are the ups & downs of the concert, as the melody resembled waves coming back and forth. On the other, friends who attended the concert last year said it was way better (I was abroad, unfortunately!).

    Security was excellent and the Lebanese Red Cross deserve all hands down for the great job they did.

    It was a night to remember !

  4. Chahe

    Wow! I think that’s the most in-depth comment we’ve had on this blog! I should replace the post with your comment 🙂

  5. Rita

    I have to say, when it comes to fireworks and lights and so forth, the ones in the previous 2 Armin concerts I have attended were much more impressive. Many people say that the music was better too, but I think if you compare 3/4 hours of music to 9 hours of music, then am sure he’d only play the best of best in the 3/4 hours. The 9 hours had a mixture of all sorts of music he does play, from the mainstream stuff on his albums to his sessions. Most people won’t like ALL the music ALL night long…


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