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I thought The movie “The Artist” never made it to the Lebanese theaters. Turns out it’s only being shown at Sofil cinemas in Achrafieh. [CineKlik]

Given the number of awards it has collected recently, I think it deserves to be in all theaters at the moment. [IMDb]

Looking forward to watching it.

4 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Mark

    Although it got nominated for awards it looks boring as hell and is black and white. Probably playing at Sofil because the demand for this movie is very low. I watch “artsy” movies and I wouldn’t watch this.

  2. Alex

    Well it won all the main oscar categories… so most likely it’s going to start showing in bigger theater.

    I heard only good reviews about the movie, not sure if it’s a cinema movie, though, or just a dvd rental type 😛

    On a side note, the reason it plays at Sofil only is that it’s a french movie. They don’t usually get the same of support here as the american random movies. Another example is “Intouchables” one of the biggest success of french cinema and only playing at Sodeco… yet movies like “This means war” play everwhere 🙂


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