The Daily Star is spamming me!

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I was surprised to find an email from The Daily Star today, it seems somehow I got added to their mailing list and they sent the email above to everyone on their mailing asking them to check out the website. Issue is I didn’t sign up their mailing list and worst of all there isn’t an unsubscribe button or link in their email which is extremely unprofessional. I even sent a reply back saying “UNSUBSCRIBE” but the email bounced back since they sent out their advert from an email that doesn’t receive mail! I hate being spammed! The Daily Star if you are reading this, UNFUCKINGSUBSCRIBEME!

32 thoughts on “The Daily Star is spamming me!

  1. Darine Sabbagh - IDS Marketing Team

    Dear Mark, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused and will personally make sure your email is removed from the database.

    On another note, our developer team religiously read all Blog Baladi posts daily and some even circulate around the office as email chains.

  2. Gianni


    No reason to be a drama queen. Block it or delete it from server before it gets to your inbox…Or are you looking for attention? :p

  3. Mark

    What about people without blogs? How can they unsubscribe?

    Gianni: just because you don’t have an issue with spam doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have an issue. It’s not 1998!

  4. Ronman

    Mark, it won’t work dude 😛 you forgot to link the below…


    I hate Spam…wonders how ecamm whatever gets through all my blocks…i get 25 job offers almost everyday…on another note…fi sheghel bil balad

  5. Michele

    Gianni, i have a feeling that Mark is more of a “Queen” than a drama Queen as he keeps on b****** like one!

    Mark u could have at least thanked Ms. Sabbagh for her swift action n for the compliment she did for ur blog!

  6. Mark

    Michele: Bitching? What have I ever bitched about here? This is like my first time bitching on this blog.

    And why should I thank Daily Star for removing my email from a mailing list I didn’t subscribe to and then spamming me without giving me the option to opt out?

    If you got robbed and then the robber calls you up and says listen Michele, since I robbed you already I won’t rob you anymore. Would you thank him?

  7. Gianni


    …then not only you are bitching as lovely Michele said…You really are dying for attention. We freaking get hundreds of unsolicited emails from God knows who every day. But; since you wrote up about their web page; you are trying to be pretentious…How typically Lebanese!!

  8. Mark

    Gianni: So let me get this right… you think because we get spam all the time it’s fine to keep getting them? While modern developed countries are trying to get rid of spam have laws which say for example that all newsletters NEED to include an unsubscribe option… you on the other hand think we don’t need to be like these developed countries but just settle with what we have? Lebanon isn’t moving forward because of your kind of mentality and not because of mine.

    I want the best and I want things to improve and luckily for us Lebanese, there are people like Darine, Roadster, Crepaway and a handful of others who actually care about their customers, care about professionalism and high standards and aren’t willing to settle for anything less than that.

    If I didn’t like the daily star I wouldn’t have posted this and because I posted this the Daily Star is now amending their procedure for future emails to allow their customers to opt out of the service. That’s a good thing for everyone including Daily Star but yet somehow you think this whole post was just a waste of time and we should all just shut the fuck up and take shit. Wake up!

  9. Ronman

    @ Alain, yeah i have a specific case that i get a few diverted accounts in my work inbox. the ecamm emails are not that big of a bother as i said, I keep forwarding them to people that complain they can’t find a job…LOL

    but i have tried blocking them with the outlook function but they just keep coming…but every advert email shot should and must have an unsubscribe link…

  10. Samer

    Nothing wrong with getting noticed and getting attention, specially when someone deserves it. Keep blogging Mark, keep doing what you do best. If I was in the daily star, I would be thanking Mark, not wait for him to thank me for correcting my problems.

  11. Najib

    I don’t know how the discussion sunk that low in this topic and I dont like the words being used to be honest. Also, I don’t know how its attention you think that is the aim of that topic ya Gianni.

    I wouldn’t have felt as bothered as Mark with this issue, since I get tons of spam mails and smses from people and its a sort of normal thing, but to each his own. I would have felt the urge to report the “checkout” instead of “check out” if I had received their email. Doesn’t mean am seeking attention or “bitching” about something.

    Let us all cool it down for a second and get over with this post.

    Maybe we should sue the Daily Star for sectarian strive now 😛

  12. jeff


    Unfortunately, Mark has blocked Gianni out. He is a good friend and I have been told that his comments are being deleted and not posted. I think you have to sort it out with him.

  13. rDarine Sabbagh - IDS Maketing Team

    @Ronman Yes we’re listening, I guess there is no harm in some healthy open discussions if they lead to positive things, as seen in the comments above, even the blog’s writers agree to disagree.

    @Najib I guess you are tired of thank yous, so I am not. Although well spotted!

    @Mark I can say that all companies should appreciate constructive criticism, and if not they should learn to, even when they are voiced with fervent disdain, they are always fueled by passion and rationale that expresses what many people may have felt but did not voice for some reason. That is how we learn and improve.

    @Michelle and other commenters, Thank you for the defensiveness.


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