The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo only showing in Sodeco

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The movie was released on the 5th of January, which is less than a month ago, and was showing in Cinemacity but is now only showing in Sodeco theaters.

I’ve heard that there are some violent rape scenes in the movie which have forced theaters to show it at a late hour and then restrict it to one theater, which is really stupid.

There are tons of violent movies out there and I don’t see anyone complaining. Added to that, the movie is apparently great and scored an impressive 8.2 on IMDB. Isn’t it easier to just restrict it to people under 18?

You can watch the trailer [Here].

Update: Visual replaced with correct one

16 thoughts on “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo only showing in Sodeco

  1. Tatiana

    There are two versions of the movie. I watched the one starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara It’s amazing.

    The scenes are pretty touchy but realistic and true which gives the movie it’s amazing and deep value!

    so let us for once be open-minded and mature about issues especially sexual assaults of women which is happening millions of times every day in the middle east not only in America and Europe!

    He did it he deserves the same…

    Great movie! thumbs-up!

    1. Cyril

      There’s an older swedish movie and there’s the new american one with daniel craig and rooney mara. They even made the second book of the series into a movie in sweden, it’s called The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest.

      1. Richard

        There are actually 3 books and 3 movies:
        1- The girl with the dragon tatoo
        2- The girl who played with fire
        3- The girl who kicked the hornest’s nest

        All three are equally stunning (the swedish versions). I still didn’t watch the US version but looking forward to!

  2. Mark

    I watched the movie here in London a few days ago and I would be very surprised and shocked if they played it uncensored in Lebanon. There are different kinds of violence, not all the same and this one isn’t gruesome but there are two scenes which are pretty brutal.

  3. A

    i saw the movie in cinemacity here, none of the scenes were removed.. as the previous posters said, there’s a pretty disturbing rape scene, and 2 or 3 sex scenes..
    it was a very nice movie, and i’m glad they didn’t censor the rape scene because it was an important piece of the plot

  4. Alex

    Saw both the Swedish version and the US version of this movie.
    They’re identical movies with some slight differences. For some reason I liked the Swedish version more.

    About the violence of the movie, it’s hard to watch but it’s an important part of the plot to understand the characters and to add to the general ambiance.
    Also far as i remember the swedish version was more violent even than the US one.

  5. A

    by the way, the endings are different in the Swedish and American movie if i’m not mistaken.. i won’t spoil it for those who didn’t see it

  6. Jeanine

    I have read the trilogy, and watched the swedish movies. So I wasn’t surprised at all by the scenes, because I knew what was coming.
    The rape scenes are indeed brutal. But they are essential to the plot.
    I think the whole trilogy is amazing, I’m actually sad that it hasn’t met much success in Lebanon. Maybe sexual violence is too disturbing a subject for some… but it is part of reality, sadly.

  7. Larissa

    The movie is 2hours 36min that’s why relatively to other releases this movie had fewer sessions and not because of the violence scenes. the violence scenes have nothing to do with cinemas removing the movie….Moreover, the movie is already rated 18+. No one forced cinemas removing the movie, or playing it at late hours or even restricting it to playing in only one cinema….Check the hours that the movie is playing at in Sodeco!


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