The Greek fridge

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I didn’t know we had an area called the Greek Fridge (البراد اليوناني) in Beirut, Lebanon. It’s apparently near Sed el Bouchrieh.

It would be interesting to know why it’s called that way.

7 thoughts on “The Greek fridge

  1. Fadi

    The same reason we have an area called “Galerie Semaan”, “El Chevrolet”, etc: There used to be a shop called “El Berrad el youneneh” around there.

  2. Rami

    There was an ice factory there (ma3mal talej) before home fridges came into the scene, you can still see it but it’s empty now. Apparently the owner of the factory was of Greek descent.

  3. dory

    Lool @ tallet l khayyat
    The greek fridge is still there but its now only frozen warehouses (they rent it to the companies that have frozen goods)

  4. Johnny

    the owner of the warehouse is from the greek descendant family “Costantine”. His son was my classmate in school!


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