The MEA 7-Hour Flight From Hell

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Throughout all of this, I kept wondering: Where are the flight attendants? Aren’t they supposed to maintain order on the plane? Who will cater to my burnt flesh? Who will discipline the wild animals and explain to them that it’s sleepy time for normal, sane people?
Of course, they are all at the back of the plane chatting, laughing and ignoring all passenger requests . . . and possibly finishing the chilled wine, secretly. Customer service at its finest! [Link]

First thought that came to my mind when reading this: What the hell did I just read?

Second thought was a simple suggestion to the article’s author:
– Fly Business next time if possible, if not then get drunk before you hop on the plane or simply change airlines.

Third thought: Why is the article written under “La Wlooo!!!” category? How exactly is that relevant?

21 thoughts on “The MEA 7-Hour Flight From Hell

  1. beirut drive-by

    whoever wrote this sounds like a 12yr old. how did actually post this? a rant about standing in line and sitting on a plane next to…people?? beiruting should stick to hicham & nathalie’s wedding pics.

  2. iman

    i think la wlo is a regular article ive read smthg she/he wrote a year ago
    ba3den y the hell r u judging how she/he writes with the ‘…’
    ur comments are a bit irrelevant, not that im saying the article is a good read. but ur post makes no sense at all

  3. Michele

    Unfortunately, MEA is indeed one of the worst airline i’ve taken so far next to Egypt air.
    Nagib trust me the business class isn’t that good either.
    But what can i say, for the lebanese:
    1) MEA is the best airline
    2) Almaza is the best beer
    3) Ksara is the best wine

    1. Najib Post author

      I am not saying MEA is the best but the problems described can be found on almost any plane wou ma badda hal2ad lol!

      Almaza is the best beer 😛

      1. Ronman

        MEA is crap… most airlines don’t charge as much as it does, Jazeera is a budget airline, and a pretty good one at that.

        i might have to take one more flight on MEA, and i hope i won’t have to jump out during.after that i’m through with them.

      2. Michele

        Actually the only time i travel with MEA is when traveling to Kuwait simply because it serves alcohol.

        Patrick please try Emirates, Qatar,Etihad if you must really insist on comparing MEA to the “most airlines in the region.”

  4. Sareen

    That article was really strange. It’s like he was saying “Oh my God! How dare they let other people on the flight with me! And a lady with makeup and a baby? How dare she?!”

    1. Rachelle

      Exactly! What was she expecting on a 7 hour flight to Nigeria? A back massage and caviar?
      Wouldn’t the people referred to as “gorillas” (I can’t believe it) in the article be there if the flight were with another airline company? Or should MEA create a new separated VIP section – à la mode.
      With an attitude like hers I think she would find the pope annoying!

  5. Mark

    The article/post is supposed to be entertaining and she’s done that by taking random moments from her trip and dramatizing them. Don’t understand why you guys are nagging.

    1. Rachelle

      Maybe entertainment was the purpose, but I think the interpretation was not at all funny.
      In my opinion, this was not dramatizing, it was insulting and randomly generalizing and panicking over every single thing you can find everywhere .

    2. Sarine

      I’m not sure it’s supposed to be entertaining… This is her tone in every single article she writes. You can check out all “La Wlooo” posts on, as well as her personal blog I hate her stupid tone and attitude.

    3. Ronman

      Mark, she crosses drama and starts straight with bigotry and stupidity… i’d like to see how she will cope with her baby on that bi annual flight to lagos..

      but MEA sucks regardless of the quality of its passengers.

  6. Alex

    Fun read…
    Not really informative in any way since well she just described basically any airline travel in the region (not really limited to MEA).

    I actually like MEA compared to american airlines which give you the minimum service now (although they have probably better trained stewards)

  7. Nadine

    So children crying at 4am, and Lebanese women wearing make up and people having a conversation interrupting her beauty sleep, I don’t think MEA can really control any of that. And as for the cabin crew Of MEA it’s not so bad compared to other much praised airlines. Really it’s the author’s attitude at 2 am, maybe she should try some sleeping pills and ear plugs?

  8. lila

    Someone should report her to the site admins ,she’s just 2 embarrassing ,now I know why foreigners laugh at Lebanese and she makes herself superior to all characters in her article as if she has a very good background herself

  9. Razor

    whoever wrote this has a problem socialising with ppl and is nothing but snobish. All his comments on MEA may apply on any airline in the world. I travel at least once per month and I always use MEA when flying to or from Beirut because I believe it is the best on that line.


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