Most luxurious restaurant in Beirut

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I had no clue which one it was but I spotted the new place opening next to Republic and it’s Le Maillon restaurant, which originally opened in Achrafieh in Sofil Center.

It surely will no longer that highly regarded if it plans to open an arguile place in Zalka.

3 thoughts on “Most luxurious restaurant in Beirut

  1. Fadi Keyrouz

    Well it’s gonna be “Le Maillon Cafe-Restaurant” while in Achrafieh it’s Le Maillon Restaurant i guess… so you can see the difference

  2. Najib Post author

    No I don’t. It’s still Le Maillon and if the restaurant wants to keep a good reputation of being the most luxurious restaurant in Beirut (even though It is not by far), then it should stay away from opening arguile places and opening in poor and industrial locations like the one he has chosen.

    Nevertheless, I have no clue if its gonna be an arguile place to begin with, so let’s wait and see.

    1. Stephanie

      now that it had opened , i think it was a very smart step to do so it can be different than Le Maillon , that for me is a very luxurious restaurant , and yet a very accessible place for everyone! it has a different touch but whether we like it or not it is one fancy cafe that proved itself through these months. I congratulate them for this amazing job and personally I loved it knowing that I’m not an arguile fan!


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