The new Lebanese flag?

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I thought the Lebanese flag was our flag. I really hate it when politics are mixed with sports. Now this guy will probably be kicked out of every competition even though he seems talented.

Read more about this story [Here].

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27 thoughts on “The new Lebanese flag?

  1. Mariam

    How sad! thats like the time the Lebanese team came to my university and played against Canada for basketball. Some people showed up with their Mustakbal colours, shirts and flags. So disgusting.

  2. KM

    hahahaha so funny! everyone is free to do whatever they want ya jame3a… u can’t be more royal than the king… if the people organizing this tournement didnt have any problem with that, (them having a phobia from hizbullah), y do u?!

    1. haissam

      Because its disgusting, and yes, the organizers did have a problem since Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization in the U.S.

  3. johnny.b

    its not a phobia and never will be, this organization is worlwide listed as a terrorist organization, and thats not the way lebanon should be represented.

    chou misti7i bi 3alam libnein aw bifaddel 3alam 7izb. aw chou ma kein hal 7izb not necessary hizballah. bass enno why bring politics to sports.

    1. Abuuud

      “is worlwide listed as a terrorist organization”

      not true the only countries in the world that list it as such are as follows:

      Australia: The Hezbollah External Security Organization

      Canada: The entire organization Hezbollah

      Israel: The entire organization Hezbollah

      United Kingdom: Hezbollah’s military wing only

      United States: The entire organization Hezbollah

      Netherlands: The entire organization Hezbollah

  4. KM

    I’m with you bro, of course Leb should not be presented that way, but these things happen.
    yes this guy doesnt beleive in leb as a whole, he just beleives in the hezeb or else he would have raised the lebanese flag.
    my point is that in all countries you can have this “shawaz”, if we research a bit more, we would def find people raising the kkk flag or the Neo-Nazism flag, & these mouvements are still very active btw…
    until this shwaz is resolved, all we can do is laugh about it…

    1. H.

      This is a kind of provocation. Anyways they were not representing lebanon in this competition.
      But i am sure if the flag of the lebanese forces was raised the reaction of some ppl here would not be the same!

  5. Najib Post author

    I edited your reply and removed the first part. Johny expressed his opinion on the topic. Express yours on the topic at hand without referring to personal insults.

    1. user

      you are the type of guy who always wants to disagree with everybody!!
      really man, i cant remember reading a comment where you agree whith the general discussion.
      i think you do it to stand out from a group?

      i know i sometimes disagree, but not like you!
      You are a pro!!

      1. jeff

        user are you disputing my point? What’s up with people like you? I voiced my opinion which coincidentally is similar with most voiced re: this topic. Now let me know why you “think” you are right or wrong? Let’s have your enchanting point of view.

  6. Moses

    Wa7ad bel na2ess! So what? Big deal! Let him raise whatever flag he wants, it’s not like it was a major championship/competition. You’re reacting as if he won some major title and he renounced his lebanese identity!!

  7. Fadi

    The Hezbollah flag is a shameful message.. But like Hezbollah’s ideology, Lebanon is 5th… Iran is first.. Syria Second.. then Hezbollah and then..Palestinian refugees, then Lebanon and the Lebanese and whoever is left

  8. Ribal Abi Raad

    Dear god relax everyone. Ya 3ammeh leh hek ento ya lebneniyeh?Metel el ahbeh elli bethadir bel 3efeh. and please no one say otherwise. Had it been the party you support be it openly or “Secretly” (ya Neutral lebanese do not exist or are a mere few) you would not have minded.

  9. eksso

    y remove or edit comments. i thought u were FOR the freedom of speech. if u think the article would stir up controversy just disable comments for the topic. or monitor them before they go online.simply. u lost all credibility with this action.

    1. Najib Post author

      Freedom of speech does not mean you can go around calling people names and using foul language. This is abusing your freedoms and there are rules on the blog like anywhere else.

      Is it freedom of speech if people start posting nude pics and links to porn movies too?

  10. Leila

    to put it simply….
    every person who feels the need of raising a non Lebanese flag PLEASE leave the country: bitwaffir w bitrayyi7na minnak “MEEN MA KEN”

  11. Wael

    On Saturday 10 Dec they did an interview with this guy on new tv and he admitted that he didn’t know that this flag was for hizbullah. He also mentioned that he loved the yellow color and he had a yellow shirt with normal words on it. so it was all a big misunderstanding.


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