The World’s Longest Bar At Jounieh

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I like the initiative but I still think nightlife in Jounieh needs a serious improvement.

The city of Jounieh will celebrate on Tuesday evening the World’s Longest Bar extending from Jounieh’s square all the way to the municipality building.

This is not the first time Jounieh attempts such a stunt. Last years bar measured 370 meters, with this year’s expecting to reach 450 meters.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Longest Bar At Jounieh

  1. Gabriela

    You didnt miss much. it was a street full of drunk on very very very bad alcohol, girls (16 years old max) dancing, or may i say, stripping on the bar and grabbing random guys and doing the”ass rubbing’ dance since that was the only move they knew.Oh, and the best thing was the huge immature fight between a group of stupid guys.They kept on entertaining us for about an hour or so. Now back to the alcohol, my husband and i had a vodka 7up and a vodka cranberry,we only had one sip and gave it back to the was awful!!! and that one sip caused us a night full of nausea, vomitting and nightmares:)

  2. Rob

    its still booming and yes it needs improvements but its gonna work eventually because its not a residential place like gemmeizy there wont be any problems, i went there few times for pubing & loved it, regarding yesterday nighti couldnt go so cant say anything, some of my friends loved it.


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