7 thoughts on “Tiny forks no more

  1. Roadster diner

    Dear Najib & Mark,

    Please note that our guests feedback is very important to us, and that it is thanks to this feedback that we can keep on maintaining our quality and standards.

    Once again we would like to thank you for your feedback in this matter.

    We hope you both have a wonderful day,

    Hady C
    Rd Team

  2. Sandra

    Hi, it seems you and Mark enjoy eating big bites ! And I understand that for RD’s food 🙂
    but the most recent studies say that when eating with a small fork, we tend to eat smaller quantities(so we can chew/masticate better) and at a slower pace (we feel “full” earlier), which means you might not finish your plate :p
    Anyways, thanks for the nice articles !

    1. Najib Post author

      With a small fork, I rarely feel like ordering salads and go for burgers, wings, nachos and dishes that don’t require dishes, hence bigger unhealthier quantities.

      Just sayin 😛


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