Top 10 reasons why Chahe is not posting

As some might have noticed, Chahe hasn’t been posting for few weeks now. When asked why, he claimed he has no time, which is not really convincing, so i thought to myself and came out with those top 10 reasons:

1- He is very shy and blushes when he posts or comments.
2- He has a girlfriend now and he had to choose between her or the blog.
3- He is running for elections under a different name in the United States.
4- He is spending his time playing poker online.
5- He is too lazy to recharge his internet connection.
6- He joined another blog.
7- He does not like me or Mark anymore.
8- He misses Nency and wishes she could come back and post again.
9- He robbed a bank and is in Brazil now.
10- He forgot the blog’s URL and never used google before.

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