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I was googling Top Lebanese Sites when i saw a site called

I entered the site hoping to find some new Lebanese websites i haven’t heard about, but it turns out it’s an outdated website with not much information, except one very interesting section entitled “Lebanese lawyers, Attorneys and Legal Consultants” with one entry under it: End Weight Discrimination

It’s a website dedicated to stopping discrimination based on appearance.

“Help us put an end to comments like “You fat bitch!”… “You fat cow!”… “You fat bastard!”… and make them ILLEGAL!..”

Pretty weird place to find such a link to be honest.

Also, under Links, you find under the category “Arts” a link to meet Lebanese singles called Pretty cool name for a dating website but it seems like a fraud site from the look of it.

There are also many other links that are out of place. In few words, another waste of a time website.

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  1. Jad Aoun

    The site is owned by some guy called Nabil. He runs another website, Lebanese Community News Journal ( I tried exploring it but the text hurt my eyes.


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