Torture of Children in Syrian School

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I don’t know if this is really in Syria nor how old this movie is (It was only uploaded in September 2010), but this teacher must be jailed for life and beaten on a daily basis for what she’s doing. Hoping we don’t have such schools any more in Lebanon.

9 thoughts on “Torture of Children in Syrian School

  1. Fadi Keyrouz

    I studied in lebanon at national protestant college and some teachers used to hit us with the ruler just like that…

  2. Leila

    r u crazy??? in lebanon no one hits like this.. this is trauma for children…
    may be they used to hit on the hand in the stone ages but not any more..for sure

  3. didie

    seriously?! i have tears in the eyes… how could they be that mean with children?! w forcing others to hold their classmates who are going to be beaten… 3ay beshum!

  4. Simon

    According to a friend, the two Teachers who were involved in this incident, both are in prison since December and waiting for trial

  5. amit

    Both the women must be beaten with a chabook black and blue and that to completely naked and it must be live telecast so that whole world can see.


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