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I am leaving tonight for a 5 days training in St-Petersburg, Russia. I have never been to Russia nor Eastern Europe before so i am excited about this trip even if its short.

St Petersburg, ‘Venice of the North’ is one of the best places to visit in Russia from what i heard and read. Lots of attractions to visit and the night life is great. Unluckily though, it will be rainy all week long and it is relatively cold now.

Last but not least, everytime i mentioned to anyone here that i was leaving for Russia, he asked me to bring him back a girl from there (one girl requested a guy). So i thought i open myself a super night club if am bringing back that many girls lol!

I mean seriously, so what if we have a lot of Russian girls working in super night clubs here, does that mean they are all prostitutes?

I will have my laptop and the hotel i am staying in has internet, so i should be able to post from there.

До скорой встречи. ! (See you soon)

9 thoughts on “Trip to Russia

  1. Darine Sabbagh

    St Petersburg is AMAZING, but prepare yourself for LOOOOOOOOADS of walking. When I was at St. Petersburg last time, I had a broken ( i did not knwo it was broken until i returned back from my trip) pinky on my foot, and well by the end of my 5 days my whole foot was blue, and we still insisted on seeing all the amazing museum complexes.
    Most importantly make sure to vists Petergoff, eat real Beef stroganoff from the place beef stroganoff was created ( Stroganoff mansion), and take the river cruise, and see the bridges open up at night….

    Oh wow now I am envious 🙂

    Good luck and beware of pickpockets 🙂

  2. Najib Post author

    I passed by the strogonoff place today, i hope i have time to check it out. the city is indeed amazing but there s a LOT of traffic! its just too much !

    Ya3ne fallet min lebnen la 2e3la2 bi ekhir el dene bi 3aj2a ..

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