Twisted logic

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On July 26 2012, Sonya (21) was killed by her brother in Bab Al Raml neighborhood of Tripoli because he suspected she was in a relationship. Not a single person protested her death in Tripoli, instead some of them wondered whether she was a good girl or not (see Video above).

On August 29 2012, 19-Year-Old Hanadi Nuaimi was abducted in Tripoli. As a result, several roads were blocked with burning tires in the area of al-Tal in Tripoli and many protested the act. [Link]

So murder is ok but kidnapping is not?

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  1. ed

    There is no relation between the 2 stories, the first one is “family business” while the other one is for ransom and the reaction that followed is purely political… if Sonya’s murderer was unknown you would’ve seen a massacre (as a reaction) in Tripoli.
    I actually dont really care abt the riots or anything, I got used to these… but the first story… I cant imagine the stupidity of this person; actually even the women with whom they talk to in the video are brainwashed.. “kenit Sharifeh w 3a2leh”?? If she wasnt like that he would have the right to kill her???


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