Two killed in Illegal Marina Dbayeh Drag Race

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One of the cars the driver crashed into after he lost control of his vehicle

Every Saturday night, a group of Lebanese drivers gather around with their “Powered by Abou Koko” pimped cars at the start of the Marina Dbayyeh road (the long straight that gets you to Chopsticks, Schtrumf, Fuddruckers and newly open LVD (Latest Version Diner), block the road with their cars and start racing.

It’s been happening for over 3 years now and no one’s doing anything to stop it, not even the ISF whose headquarters are at the end of the road ironically. Two days ago, one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle and hit several cars and few spectators standing on the side, killing one and injuring many. He was also killed as a result of the accident. [Link]

It’s not enough that we have to deal with crazy drivers on the highway, now we have to worry as well about drag racers. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against drag racing or drifting but unless there’s a place dedicated to such types of races, just like in the KSA and some Gulf countries, Lebanese drivers racing on crowded roads and highways should be put in jail for 3 months at least or have their driving license confiscated for the same period.

Since both suggestions are not possible in Lebanon, a quick and practical, yet silly, solution would be to add bumps every 200 meters on that road. That ought to stop them from racing there.

Maybe RedBull should consider organizing a drag race in Lebanon and the region along with its annual car park drift.


5 thoughts on “Two killed in Illegal Marina Dbayeh Drag Race

  1. rampurple

    I think the speed bumps is the best option.

    In the Jbeil/Blatt road (old road leading to LAU) they got sick of us LAU students (back in the day) speeding up and down the road causing havoc for the residents. They added the most annoying speed bumps and it stopped any of us from speeding.

  2. Rob

    first: byestehal i hope this will be a lesson for others, its HIS responsibility
    second: speed bump is not the solution it will cause traffic at rush hour specially in winter

  3. Scirocc0

    yaret bya3mlo track msakkara ysou2o 3leiya hal shabeb fi ktir 3alam bi7ebo l ser3a w manoun 2edrin yenzalo rally or course de cote, it kenit btotla3 mni7a l track

  4. lilliane

    I lost one of my friends to an accident at the Marina. It was because of another idiot friend who was drag racing. Disgusting.
    And that was back in 2009..


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