UAE international Theyab Awana killed in car accident

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What a terrible loss for the UAE national football team!

The Emirati winger Theyab Awana was involved in a fatal accident when his car crashed into a truck on Sunday after leaving the national team’s camp, while his brother remains in hospital. [Source]

For those of you who follow the blog, he’s the UAE football star who shot the penalty with his back heel in a friendly against Lebanon, causing a controversy. [Link]

8 thoughts on “UAE international Theyab Awana killed in car accident

  1. KM

    wow it’s either a homocide from a fanatic lebanese football fan or a final destination kinda thing… dont mess with lebanese hahaha or death will follow u…

  2. choura2yak

    Well may his soul Rest in peace! I don’t think we should join the news of Death with a spectacular Penalty Goal against Lebanese national Team. The Guy should not be blamed for scoring this way if there were areal competition in that game he wouldn’t dare to shoot it! but just remember that the game ended by a 6- 0 i think!
    Anyway this is an other subject .. talking about Football level in Lebanon, but we should be serious in front of Death … Choura2yak ?

  3. Gilbert

    well dear criticizers, if you really think that we mean to be so careless and so disrespectful towards his death then you are mistaken.
    I don’t know the guy in case u want me to light a candle for him and it’s a simple joke that u should either take it easy and laugh about it or just ignore it and not to play the mature guys here.


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