Ukrainian Woman Strips at Beirut Airport to Protest Smoking Ban

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That’s just weird.

A Ukrainian national took her clothes off on Saturday at Rafik Hariri International Airport to protest the smoking ban, media reports said. The woman was swiftly detained by airport security for questioning. [Link]

14 thoughts on “Ukrainian Woman Strips at Beirut Airport to Protest Smoking Ban

    1. T

      She did more to the “cause” then us good for nothing aritin haki Lebanese!
      Enforce the law and u’re gona c our hairy behinds 😀

  1. maya

    Actually Ukranian women are Zallyouuuuun marrra better than ur good to nothing Lebanese women who only shut up and yesss she has the right to protest the smoking ban only not at the airport

    1. HaDy

      maya, from your name i’m guessing you’re one of those good for nothing Lebanese women. if not, then that’s too bad for you. stop generalizing and get a life. there are more diplomatic and intelligent ways of stating your opinion and from what you wrote, diplomacy and intelligence are not your strong suit.

    2. Samir

      This woman was not protesting Law 174. She had problems with her residency papers and she felt injustice for the way she perceived she was being treated by our often no-good bureaucrats. I wish you and the others in this discussion would get your facts straight.

  2. roger

    I doubt that she is protesting the smoking ban. I was told that she might belong to a feminists group that has protested by stripping naked around various airports

  3. maya

    Actually ya hady yaa hady ,lebanese women suck big time ,that’s why they never made it to the parliament and they say lebanese women are strong ???this country will never change ,i was optimistic before ,now im realistic ,hone ma bifakro illa bil manzar men barra and ,all they care about is clothes and shoes ,at least this ukranian woman is fighting for something (although i don’t support people getting naked for a cause ,it just doesnt lead anywhere ),lebanese girls don’t fight for anything ,only for each other and men hady

  4. maya

    And whatever she is protesting getting naked doesnt lead anywhere ,it just makes filthy men happy to see boobs they haven’t seen only on porn or cabarets


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