Update on the St.Georges Cathedral Clock Tower

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Picture taken in February 2012

I was asked by one of the blog’s readers if the steeple was done or not yet and I was able to get a one-week old picture shown below. As you can see, the steeple still needs few months to be completed and maybe more if they keep working at this slow rate.

I’ve always wondered about the reason behind building this steeple, and whether it was really to match Al Amine mosque’s minarets but I was never able to get a proper answer. I am also not sure whether it was Rafic Hariri who funded it or not. If the Church is funding this project, I think it would have been wiser to use the money and help the needy and poor.

Speaking of Al Amine mosque, and even though I find it beautiful, I never saw it fit with its surrounding and believe it should have been located somewhere else. Every time I look at it, I feel like someone rebuilt and restored Beirut in a certain way and then someone else just came and put the mosque there without looking around.

Most of Beirut’s religious structures (Churches, mosques) are well integrated with the surrounding buildings, except for Al Amine’s mosque.

Picture by Gino

17 thoughts on “Update on the St.Georges Cathedral Clock Tower

    1. Gianni


      Are you serious? All religious institutions are run by mafiosi in robes…they never work a day in their lives. You are comparing that to najib and his Porsche. Well screw you bum. He’s working hard and deserves whatever he gets with his honest work. Now go back to your crib!

        1. gianni

          jack s…

          aczay…you are hot and bothered and in a freaking haze. I don’t give art’s ass about your broken English or incomprehensible drivel. Shove off!

          1. gianni

            ….rat’s ass…Which you’d know a lot about… Now stop backtracking and fade out!

  1. Jean

    We should stop waisting money on religious propaganda and invest in education and innovation… You can pray at home or in a forest as far as i recall, Jesus didn’t need a cathedral.


  2. aczay

    thanks guys. najib i believe you do work hard and if thats the case deserve what you get. and i will continue to read your blog on a daily basis. your entitled to post whatever you wish on your blog and im entitled to my opinion. the whole freedom theme…
    your comment came across as the money can be better spent helping the poor and i totally agree. we dont even need a cathedral. however, we dont need a bmw to get from a to b, and we dont need a mansion to have a roof on our head. we could have also had less and given the rest to the poor…were always quick to bash religion because of that.
    and rk.. whilst i said thanks for correcting me. i wasnt bothered for an argument but you can say hire… gianni- i wont even bother champ


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