Update your facebook status, then commit suicide!

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A student in the United States committed suicide after being caught on tape with another guy. He updated his facebook status and jumped off the George Washington Bridge. [MSNBC News]

I really feel bad for this guy, but i can’t believe he thought of updating your facebook status before jumping off the bridge???

For those wondering why you die jumping off the GW bridge, here’s a picture of it.

8 thoughts on “Update your facebook status, then commit suicide!

  1. f

    You know you’re becoming Lebanese when:

    I was reading the MSNBC article linked above, and they quote a fellow student named Georges Richa, and my first thought was “ooh I wonder if he’s Lebanese??”

  2. Rayane

    the story isn’t about a guy jumping off the bridge after posting it on facebook…. it’s about a guy who was bullied because of his sexuality to the point where he killed himself.


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