Was It Wrong to Share The Video of Amina Ismail?

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Ever since I posted the video of the Lebanese man filming his wife committing suicide, I got complaints from people asking me to remove it/ report it claiming that it’s inappropriate.

To be honest, I saw the video again and again and didn’t find anything violent or graphic. What disturbed me the most was the idea of a man taking the time to film his wife while she was committing suicide instead of preventing her because filming her obviously didn’t help. Having said that, I understand that it must be horrible for her family to see the video and they have every right to ask for its removal and I will be the first one to take it out, but I think the way the video went viral helped shed the light on few serious matters:

1- Some are saying there’s a longer version of the video where the husband is filming the whole house before he spotted his wife about to jump and kept filming. As convincing as this may sound, I still find his reaction really weird but I’ll wait for any investigation results to come out.

2- How did the video reach a local TV knowing that it was in the hands of the Internal Security Forces? Why didn’t the TV consult with the proper authorities before uploading it? Were any measures taken against the officer who leaked it?

3- There’s a shadow of a man holding something in his hand as shown above in the video. Some are suggesting there was someone else and others are saying this might be some tool the man is holding or I don’t know what. LBC clarified that matter too by showing that those were keys.

4- Eye witnesses are saying it took almost 45 minutes for any ambulance to show up which Luna clarified in her interview with the Red Cross.

I know those are all speculations but I hope we will figure out what happened as it is very hard to believe that a woman would throw herself like that for no reason after she just got married, and her husband would be standing there filming her while she commits suicide (He also attended her funeral). I am not accusing anyone of anything but it is out of respect for the victim and her husband that a proper investigation takes places specially after the video spread.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this tragic incident will end up like other unresolved mysteries in Lebanon.

In all cases, my sincere condolences to the family of the victim and her husband.

17 thoughts on “Was It Wrong to Share The Video of Amina Ismail?

  1. Jhonny Ayrout

    Honestly, ever since I watched it the first time I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking how everyone is blaming the man, and making conclusions when no one really knows what happened. here are my thoughts about it all.

    1. did you notice how he was filming so steady all the time, but when he moved the camera downwards a bit, that’s when she started making the move to jump. maybe he was trying to get closer and help, that’s why she decided to jump.

    2. the “tool” that shows in the shadow (00:44s) is not something solid, so it couldn’t be a knife or a gun. if you go through the video frame by frame (not just pause it), you’ll see that whatever is in his hand was swinging back and forth. go back a few seconds, when he was trying to stand up, you’ll see that on (00:37s) he was grabbing his keychain, which is in the form of a black string/leather. he grabs the keys in his hand and it’s the leather of the keychain that swings back and forth.

    3. for those saying that there was a third person, how in the world there’s going to be a third person if that person doesn’t even have a shadow on the wall? the guy had the keychain in one hand, the cellphone/camera in the other and that’s that. who opened the door for him? it’s a balcony door, it stays open 95% of the time.

    4. about his voice being clear and loud, and hers isn’t. consider this:
    – she’s sitting a few meters away from him.
    – he’s holding the cellphone. so his mouth is practically centimeters away from the microphone.
    – he’s freaking out, so his voice pretty loud.
    – she’s very calm and not even trying to raise her voice. (she was even brushing her hair with her hands)

    5. some say he’s replying with nonsense and changing tones. well, let’s see those people in that same situation and try to speak a full coherent and meaningful sentence. he was obviously trying to talk her out of it.

    6. and now for the biggest question, why was he filming? well, no one really knows. but I second my opinion with those who say that he was filming the new house they just got, and saw her there so he just kept on filming.

    of course, I am in no position to judge or draw conclusions, I just pointed a few obvious points that could be seen if the video is watched closely with an objective perspective without blaming one or the other.

    let’s just hope this case gets the adequate investigation.

    1. Stephanie

      The man and woman in this video are my brother in law and he’s wife.. I’m happy to see your comment and that there are still some pple with logical view.. I wish that everyone would think like you.. To answer on nr 6 why he was filming.. They did some renovations in the appartment and they went to look.. He was filming every room .. When he saw Amy standing firts on the balcony he tought she was joking.. When he saw she was serious he kept filming and i’m so happy he did this.. If he didn’t no one was gonna believe him and he was gonna be in jail for a few years.. He has 3 kids, it’s a amazing man he loved this woman so much, did everything for her.. He’s marked for the rest of he’s life because of this.. So please be happy that god gived him the strenght to kept filming this horror! The reason why she did this.. We still can’t answer correct to this question because the police is still bussy with there investigation.. I hope everyone keeps supporting Kefah he’s going true hell now and some pple’s comments arent making it easier for him..

  2. K

    Nothing wrong at all with publishing it. It’s called transparency. Those wishing to watch it can do so, and those who wish not to can just not watch it.

  3. A Voice from NY

    Regardless of whether or not you should have posted it, you’re not the one who initially leaked it and made it public. That’s where the problem is. Especially considering that the video was allegedly leaked by an ISF member. I have a major problem with that. Transparency is one thing, but what the hell gave this person the right to sneak this video out. I strongly believe the ISF should conduct an internal investigation into this matter and those involved should face some sort of repercussion to ensure this never happens again.

    As for everything else . . . 1 – humans are naturally curious; 2 – everyone wants to play detective and find some sort of conspiracy.

    I’m bothered by how people think the husband should have done something and feel that he acted strangely. Seriously? How many of you have ever been in such a situation? Any professionally trained individual will tell you to NEVER approach a person on a ledge. First try to talk them down.

    As for the fact that she was newly wed – what does that have to do with anything? If a person is that desperate that they are willing to cause harm to themselves, then it doesn’t matter if they’re newly married or not. Case in point – I know someone who shoved a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger just 2 months after his wedding. His suicide had NOTHING to do with his marriage and everything to do with his mental demons and depression. I know someone else who was 70 years old and was happily married for over 40 years when he decided to take his own life. And a another women who hung herself from a tree in her yard in front of her 2 young daughters. These are people who had issues and needed help. They didn’t get the help they needed and took their lives instead.

    Suicide sucks. Friends and family are left behind asking why. Wondering if there was something they could have done. It’s not like cancer or an accident where you have a cause. With suicide, loved ones are left with immense guilt. And in a case such as this, where it has been publicized, matters are made worse for the family because there are people now walking around trying to play detective, come up with conspiracies and ulterior motives and scenarios.

    Had this video never been leaked, then her suicide would not have been so news-worthy and the family would have been able to mourn in peace and deal with their “post-suicide guilt” in their own way. Instead, they are now bombarded with the average Joe’s allegations, theories and what-if’s.

    At the end of the day, my heart goes out to her friends & family who have to deal with the loss & pain (which is compounded by the media attention). We are simply outsiders and observers and know nothing of the pain her loved-ones are being forced to endure.

  4. USA

    Oh please try to shut up NY and go observe the society closely over there ! Live it and go through its experiences to truly understand why a person really committed suicide ! Yes , believe it or not , it should have been published!! Just for the sake of our social decline ! For the people to wake up and maybe ( which could be never) resolve the issues Lebanese women deal with on a daily basis ! Issues of abuse issues of husbands infidelity ! Etc , etc ,etc ! I hope this case will never be closed .. That guy taping her as if nothing is happening is the demon ! Like many in that part of the world who need to be locked up in a cell , but money kept giving him and many others like him the freedom to do whatever! Of course now he will pay the authorities , pay the journalists ,pay her family to bury her story with her ! And it could be buried forever like millions of other stories in that shattered part of the world ! Thank you for publishing it ! Maybe and hopefully there is a investigation ! As for the woman , please people stop saying she is crazy, dealing with mental issues ( aren’t all women dealing with Lebanese men are???!!!!!!!!)

    1. Stephanie

      Wow you really sound like a stupid frustrated lebanese woman!!! You don’t know anything about the story!!! This guy that you are calling a demon.. Do you know him? You ever saw him? You know he’s story?? I don’t think so!!! If you knew him you would be ashamed to say something like this!!! He is the victim that’s left behind with this image that will stay with him for the rest of he’s life.. And i can tell you miss frustrated.. Not all men are the same and this man was treathing he’s wife like a princess ! many woman would be jealous!! She’s even telling him in the video ‘it has nothing to do with you’ and if you are a little bit human.. Don’t you here how is begging her with so much panninc in he’s voice???

    2. A Voice from NY

      If it was going to be released to the public it should have been done so through proper channels and not by some fool sneaking it out and handing it off to a blogger. It was NOT that ISF officer’s decision to make. But you, as someone who seems to be preaching from your soap box about corruption are totally oblivious to the fact that your statements are simply promoting such corruption. Kudos to you for exposing your foolishness.

      As for everything else you’re trying to say (or lack there of) . . . keep talking out of your blow-hole ’cause it’s obvious you’re just typing to making yourself seem special when in fact you have nothing of true value to add to this conversation.

      You want to talk about women’s issues but you totally neglect the fact that many of the issues you claim should be bought to light are the same issues that mentally screw up people and force them into such desperation that the only end to their problems they can see is taking their own life.

      As for how this so-called demon as you chose to refer to him as reacted and behaved. . . I sincerely hope you never find yourself in his situation because I can assure you, if you rush that person in an effort to save them, you will be pulling the trigger to their death. Let’s see how well you deal with that.

      BTW – I can’t help but notice that you sound like a person scorned by a relationship with someone of Lebanese decent. Sorry to burst you bubble dear, but not all Lebanese men are money hungry cheating chauvinist pigs. Although it would appear that that’s what your experience would be and I’m sorry for that. I say, you may need to seek help . . . perhaps you need to find someone with a long leather sofa who’s willing to listen to your jiberish. Good luck with that.

  5. USA

    Are you serious ? So he should have kept taping it so he won’t be blamed for it ? Is that what his human instinct told him : tape your wife so you won’t be arrested! What the hell ? This is so questionable , even more when he was reacting like this ! Did he inflict the woman with aids ! You related to him should shut up at this point

  6. Stephanie

    Omg where is this coming from ‘aids’ are you serious?!
    It’s starting to become funny.. Wondering what kind of story will come out tomrw :/
    And he didn’t start taping because she was sitting there.. He was making a video from the appartment from the renovationwork .. He didn’t stoped taping..

  7. Ron

    @ USA

    So you are so close to the couple, their families, and investigation sources to the point you are in a position to state with certainty he was mistreating her and infected her with a sexual disease? You’re either so delusional so as to take your own personal case or that of someone close to you as a generality, which could be understandable to some extent, or worse than that you’re a spreader of baseless calumnies and lies.

    Have you even gotten your head out of your ostrich hole to notice that not one, not a single member of her family, close or far, not one of her many friends and acquaintances ever stood up to denounce a supposed case of mistreatment that drove her to commit suicide? But no, you want the world to take your wishful thinking as a reality instead of considering the facts.

    There is a reason why Amina’s family is focusing on the one and only cheap angle from where they can attempt putting the blame on the innocent husband although his infection with HPV wasn’t even a secret to Amina even before they got married. He got her vaccinated before any sexual contact as her family even knows and the very fact they are aware of the husband’s disease just a few months into that short marriage further proves it. Another fact for you is that the blood tests on her, done the day she died came back negative as investigation sources have reported or else the family would have already published those results through their lawyer in order to silence the growing rumors of her mental instability caused by a sexually abusing father. And by the way, if HPV was an issue for her, which it wasn’t, then why knowingly marry him in the first place? I’ll tell you why; simply because she loved him and because this virus isn’t even an issue for most of the world population that carries it without any symptoms.

    Lastly about the filming, it is important to consider the context of the event before speaking as you have the nasty habit of doing. All over the media, it was established that he was filming the back of the appt that was under work until he saw her standing at the balcony’s edge. As common sense tells you and as already pointed by others in their comments, you never rush towards someone in such a situation but try to reason. However it all went very fast and she left him no chance and did what she wanted to do. To keep on recording and at the same time trying to reason (something you’re ignoring) was the best thing to do because not only was he trying to save her as any emergency team would have done ie through negotiations but he was also this way safeguarding himself and the future of his own children and other people depending on him, by blocking the way to any false accusation the likes of those people like you are spreading.

    1. Desmond Bey

      Just a point of order….there is no HPV test for men. Most cases of HPV clear up by themselves after a couple of years or so.
      According to the statistics, most sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives.

  8. USA

    That’s why most cases go unresolved in Lebanon .. Because of this ignorance / arrogance presented by opinionated men / relatives / pretentious ” lawyers” . If you don’t see anything wrong with his reaction Mr so called rob and Ny , you need deep psychiatric help not therapy only , and maybe a look at your dead conscience ! The video was so disturbing and you guys are defending him as if nothing happened !

    1. A Voice from NY

      @ USA

      First off, you shouldn’t ‘ass’ume that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a “Mr”

      Secondly, you just keep pushing our points forward with every word you type. You want to talk about ignorance/arrogance? For examples of true ignorance & arrogance, try reading every word YOU have written on this matter.

      Lastly, my conscience is clean as I, unlike you, have not thrown accusations around as if I am all knowing. You, on the other hand . . . well . . . you can’t even tell the difference between HIV & HPV.

      Now, I hope you’ve had success in finding that comfy sofa because it’s obvious you need it badly 😉

  9. Ron

    You keep going on with your ignorant rant even after the context of events and established facts disproving your prejudiced views are clearly shown. How did the man do anything wrong when he was abiding by the very procedure any trained individual would have followed in the same case? How is he wrong by instinctively shielding himself and by extension his children that directly depend on him through that video that blocks any potential calumnies and false accustations the likes people like u are spreading around in disreguard of the most basic common sense pointed in the preceding coments, and facts such as amina’s own family not even levelling the kind of lies suicide experts like u are shouting out loud?

    Of course the video is shocking as it shows death and the ones who leaked it (most probably the ones charged of the investigation who seized his phone) are at fault for doing so but all this doesnt take away anything from the husband’s innocence. Contrary to your mindless rant, neither the justice system nor amina’s family have a basis for accusing him of anything and he is today a free but most certainly hurt and traumatised man.


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