Watch out for Lord of the Wings Valet Parking

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While ZWZ valet parking guys give you the looks for not handing them out the keys to your car, Lord of the Wings Valets in Gemmayze will politely take your car and drive away with it.

Hoping that these stories will encourage the Lebanese to park their own cars and stop being so damn lazy!

Check out the story [Here].

3 thoughts on “Watch out for Lord of the Wings Valet Parking

  1. Rayan

    Wow I went there yesterday, friends asked me to use the Valet Parking, I insisted on parking myself. Lucky.

  2. Elie

    Set your idea straight….
    those are not Lord of the Wings’valet parking, those were gemmayze’s. unlucky for that prodigious restaurant that serves best food. it was “my cousin” the customer whome car was droven away with…(and he still goes there twice a week!!) they were highly cooporated with us… even though the blame is to be on those valet parking services!
    Do not take someone’s story and make your own out of it… refer to who was directly involved


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