Weird place in Jeita

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I was coming back from Jeita Country Club on Sunday when I noticed this weird looking place on top of a hill. It’s like a huge ship and behind it a building or maybe a restaurant?

Anyone has a clue what this is?

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  1. Mark

    It’s been there for a few years. I think it’s supposed to be a restaurant that resembles Noah’s Ark but the owner ran out of money and now its just sitting there.

  2. Helena

    It was supposed to be a museum on aquatic life. They started building this freaky thing 3 years ago, and it looks like the works have stopped a while ago. I used to live in the area and many of us actually complained about this construction and talked to the head of the municipality, but we were told back then that the owner was a well-known person from south Lebanon (he also owns an aquatic life museum in Tyre) and that he had a strong political back-up and it will be impossible to stop his plans.

  3. Ronman

    why would you want to stop an aquatic museum? i think it’s cool. I would arrest the guy though for not finishing the building and leaving the area with an eye sore… that applies to many of the abandoned construction sites over the country, some in really (previously) scenic areas.

  4. Helena

    Our aim wasn’t to stop an aquatic museum; we noticed that the construction site was destroying the scenic Jeita area, by destroying trees and replacing them with concrete, especially that the architecture of this ‘edifice’ is clearly very ugly. I suggest u go there, park ur car, and look at it, and u’ll understand what I mean.
    As for the abandoned construction sites issue, I totally agree with. It’s a major problem related to the random issuing of construction permits without taking into consideration the damage that could be done to nature, without in-depth research on the financial background of the owner and without any follow-up on the details of the construction itself once the structural and architectural plans are developed.

  5. Ronman

    Last i drove past there Helena i saw this thing, surprised to see it’s not over yet. shame on the municipalities, almost anything for a quick buck… just have to look at the million billboards per square meter to figure that out.

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