What is this car?

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[Picture by @aymanitani]

I just saw this post on 248am.com and remembered Ayman had posted about this car on Twitter few days back.

It has Porsche rims but other than that, I have no clue what this car is. My best guess it’s a Chinese Bentley.

8 thoughts on “What is this car?

  1. A Guy

    Take it back.
    There’s no way that’s a bentley after seeing it from behind:
    Too high, not very large, wrong rear lights and exhaust and rims!
    They did a tremendous job on the front, they fu*ked it up when working on the rear.
    Too low to be a cayenne.
    A car this heavily modified can be anything from a chinese bentley to a honda accord

  2. Roger

    If its dropped about 4 inches on a set of 24s (with spacers), then maaaaybe …. otherwise I would call this a vehicular abomination.


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