5 thoughts on “Where’s all this gold?

  1. Alf

    Wow good to know! but isn;t it weird that we have the second gold reserves per person in the world and our Lira is that weak? I know it is stable but still it’s very weak!

  2. Ronman

    It’s that gold that allows us to borrow billions, a big chunk of which go towards stabilizing the Lira…

    that Gold is all that we got that will not loose its value…

  3. Fawzi

    Physically, Lebanon’s gold is split about 50/50 between the Central Bank’s vault in Beirut and Fort Knox in Kentucky.

  4. Ronman

    Fawzi, i always thought the most of it was in the National Reserve in New York, and Fort Knox was just for America’s Gold….don;t feel like Googling it now LOL…or else I’ll end up finding the ounce per capita of every human on the planet…i’ll leave it for another day


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