Why I love riots in Lebanon

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4:28 I left Achrafieh.

Achrafieh streets are empty, even Nazlit el Akkawi road.

Karantina road is almost empty.

Dora and Nahr el Mot roads are also empty.

Jal el Dib, Antelias and Dbayyeh roads are empty.

Barely any cars on the Jounieh highway as well.

4:41 I got home.

See? There’s always a positive aspect for everything.

12 thoughts on “Why I love riots in Lebanon

  1. Ronman

    Amen to that.. that’s why i love the school holidays too, i get to work in 10-15 min when schools are on for some reason it takes me 45 – 60 minutes… i guess protests or the threat of them does serve a green purpose

  2. Rhéa

    I left Sin El Fil and for the first didn’t wait for 20 minutes at the traffic lights. It usually switches 4 times before I get to pass. I made all my shopping and movie watching, even went skiing 😀 Positiiive said, huge positive side !

  3. rana

    I love these pictures 🙁 I miss my country sometimes and all these lebanese blogs make me so nostalgic 🙁 Damn/bless you people !


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