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I’m a big fan of zaatar w zeit but I absolutely dislike their new identity as well as the new look and feel of their branches. With their new identity I feel like they’re leaving the Lebanese culture behind and heading towards a generic fast food chain look. Why drop the beautiful Arabic typography? Why go from warm, cozy and homy to cold and clinical?

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  1. zaydoun

    I can just see it… a “branding consultant” told them they need to “rebrand” and they fell for it

    I hope I’m wrong, but this could seriously impact sales negatively

  2. Najib

    I don’t think it will impact their sales as they have no competition. It is quite sad though that they dropped the old log and the old look which we all got accustomed to.

    PS: ZWZ Prices skyrocked with the new look.

  3. LebExile

    I like the old logo much more – but to be honest, I prefer wooden bakery anyway – or isn’t that comparable

  4. Mariam

    I, like LebExile, love Wooden Bakery. I’ve never tried ZWZ but thats because people I know don’t recommend it and tell me WB is better.Hopefully, next time in Lebanon- I’ll have a chance to compare. But with regards to the logo- the thing is now homey, Lebanese and all these nice things are not modern and thats the image ZWZ wants- modernity. Its also probably why finding that little bakery down the street with its owner Abou Abdou will be a better man2ouch experience.

  5. Ronman

    ZwZ used to rock until they hikckd their prices once, twice, three times…shall i go on? no manoushe, no matter the branding is worth more than 1000LP

    and a Halloum w bacon is definitely not worth more than 4 dollars…common people its just a manoushe and some cheese..

    same goes for Wooden Bakery, they had great value, and then again they go and hike their prices,(Eugene N is now 70% more expensive than it used to be some 4 years ago) and they charged me 1500 lbp the other day because they put ONE leaf of Rockets (Rocca) in my fetta sandwich…you know how many bunches of Rockets i can get for 1500? at worst 3 BUNCHES that have like a gazilion leaves each! what’s wrong with this country.. oh yeah everything and ZwZ’s rising prices are a good representative of that..
    Abu Fadi near Antoura’s upper gate in Ain el Rihani has some of the best manoushe’s in the country 10 times better than anything ZwZ ever came up with

  6. LebExile

    really – 4 dollars for a Halloumi with bacon – that is crazy!
    I didn’t realise how expensive it’s become, Even here in Sydney I can get Sajj manouche, with cheese, tomatoes and olives for just under $4!

    And really – 1500LL for some rocket – unbelievable. You are right – they are obviously targetting the wealthy gulf tourists, but will lose much of their business, cos even though the tourists will pay those prices, I would say 90% of their business is local customers, who will simply go elsewhere.

  7. Lindsay_NYC

    I was just at ZwZ tonight and was wondering what was up with the new menu. The old one was so cute! I didn’t realize there was a whole re-branding going on. At the branch on Bliss the only thing changed so far was the look of the menu. I will be sad to see the old look go.

    My favorite is the Spicy Chicken Wrap. Sooo good. I did notice the price had gone up 250LL. I don’t think ZwZ is comparable to Wooden Bakery at all.

  8. Mr director

    maybe they sold the company. didn’t the same happen with schtrumph and they had to drop one letter from the name and change the logo.

    I mean that’s the only reasonable excuse – the same person that created something so expensive, overprice and overrated yet so successful can’t be that stupid to adopt that new brand

  9. haissam

    Are you kidding me? This is absolutely ugly. Has this been implemented in all branches? I seriously hope not. I don’t like to over criticize but this is plain hideous compared to the older one.

  10. Danielle

    Have to agree with you here..When I first moved to Lebanon I loved going to ZWZ, I think I must’ve ordered or visited at least once a day! I really enjoyed the look and feel of the well as the quality of the food (and the orange juice!)..

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Don’t know why they saw the need to change their identity.

  11. Karell

    They have become so popular over the middle-east it suits the clientele better over there. Just think of Dubai, always in need of that type of “cold clinical look” precisely, foreigners there also like it clean cut.
    And what about Canada ? They’ve just started opening up in the West.
    As for a Southwest European clientele (Portugal, Spain, France and Italy), anthropologically speaking, they seriously need to keep the “warm homy comfy” look, but I guess they are just not interested…Mediterranean competition, we have our own good healthy food, french and italians will reply… What a shame ! They should I agree keep it local feeling,like you’re stepping in Lebanon when you enter ! 🙁 Although Zaatar w Zeit is really good, I ate everyday in Jordan in its equivalent, including armeninan food, a real treat made in Lebanon by lebanese men both christian and muslim ! And it way tastier than zaatar w zeit if that can even be possible ! I don’t eat meat, and it was just delicious there !


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