Zaitunay Bay: Not Doing As Well As Expected?

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LebanonFiles reported today that restaurants at the Zaitunay Bay are not doing well and Solidere is seriously considering closing down the whole thing given the bad economic situation and the lack of tourists.

I don’t know how accurate this piece of news is, but the solution is definitely not by closing it down, but by lowering the incredibly high rent prices. I have already discussed this matter back in February as I was wondering if it’s really profitable to operate at the Zaitunay Bay.

I guess we will know the answer soon.

9 thoughts on “Zaitunay Bay: Not Doing As Well As Expected?

  1. maya

    The whole Lebanon is experiencing an economic crisis not just Zaitounai Bay,people don’t money anymore to spend ,that’s how restaurants increase their prices to unacceptable levels ,it’s like living in Switzerland or something,and yes the solution would be by decreasing the rents

  2. Gianni

    Zaitunay Bay was not created for average Lebanese not even those with above average income…It was created for Gulfies. It is extremely overpriced and pretentious according to friends of mine who visited Beirut lately (they don’t have a money issue; but know when they are getting butchered…Lebanese style…Gangnam). 😀

  3. Fadi

    I don’t live in Lebanon and have not been there in over a decade, I would love to travel back as a tourist should I decide to visit but the the lack of security and knowing could drag Lebanon into a war at anytime keeps me away. When you consider all of the political Assassinations and lawlessness of people not being held accountable for their crimes, Lebanon begins to look like an uncivil and dangerous country to not only people of Lebanese descent living abroad, but to most other foreign tourists.
    I’m not disputing that this attraction may be very expensive. I’m just stating that there’s more to it.

  4. Fadi

    Was the reply ” wrong reasons not to visit Lebanon” directed at my comment meant to be sarcastic?
    So people fearing to visit an uncivil country that has terrorist running the streets and the government are wrong to have that fear?
    If many Lebanese in Lebanon do not have faith in their political,justice and security system, how can anyone expect outsiders to have this faith and feel comfortable visiting ?
    Disobedience to law and liberty combined with disorder, Unfortunately, outshine all the good that Lebanon has to offer to many tourists. Ask yourself why the number of tourists that visit keeps going down every year..

    1. Tarek

      @ Maya, Fadi stated that he is not visiting Lebanon because of reasons he mentioned (unstability, crimes, etc…) so T. replied by saying that these reasons are not enought to refrain Fadi from visiting Lebanon. U began your comment with a completely fallacious statement and then proceeded by showing how silly you are (Lebanese style looool this is how i laugh my ass off looool).


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