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Before describing my visit to the bay, I keep asking myself why is it called Zaitunay (زيتوناي) ? How is that the English translation of زيتوني or even زيتونة?

Anyway, I finally visited Zaitunay bay on Monday night and I loved the place. As you can see from the picture above, It’s a very nice place to take a walk and enjoy a fine dinner. I didn’t try any of the restaurants there yet but you can read about them [Here].

Not all restaurants are open yet. The ones that caught my attention are Croc Magnon, a steak house opened by the same people behind Brgr Co, St. Elmo’s which is a seaside brasserie, Salmontini a seafood restaurant, and Classic Burger Joint which was pretty packed.

During winter time, I don’t think many people will be walking on the Zaitunay bay as it’s getting very cold, however in summer time the bay promises to be packed at all time. The wooden dock is relatively small right now but there are plans to extend it as you can see [Here].

On a last note, ladies going in high heels will have a hard time walking on the wooden dock.

9 thoughts on “Zaitunay Bay

  1. LebExile

    once upon a time the road was lined with olive trees in that area – I’m guessing thats where the name comes from.

  2. Joe

    I’m surprised you don’t know ! Ask any old man who knew Beirut well… It refers to nearby used-to-be called “7ay l zaytoune” which used to be as i’ve been told the “Maameltein” of Beirut 😉

    1. Najib Post author

      I heard about 7ay el zaytoune being like Maameltein and I heard there was a street in Gemmayze as well.

      Wish we could get some historical documents on it.

      Time to hit the AUB Archives!

    1. Najib Post author

      No it’s not but the same people who opened Brgr Co. launched a new steak house (Croc Magnon) and a seafood brasserie (St.Elmo’s) there.

      1. Cro Magnon

        Thanks for the mention Nader :). Just wanted to clarify for the record, the owners of CRO MAGNON Steakhouse and St. ELMO’S Seaside Brasserie are not the same owners of BRGR Co. Only one of the owners, Joey Ghazal, was a concept developer of Brgr Co when it first opened, but it is another company and an entirely different group of partners otherwise.

        Nonetheless, introduce yourself the next time you’re at ELMO’S or CRO..would love to meet you 🙂

  3. Nader

    Thanks Najib! Well Brgr co. Was a hit! and still is my favorite burger shop in town…I hope they kept the pace going in these two new places…


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