Zuhair Murad: Like a boss

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Jennifer Lopez: I want your most expensive and unique dress for the American Music Awards. Don’t disappoint me Zuhair!
Zuhair Murad: Don’t worry Jenn! You will be the only one to wear this dress in 2011.

Hayfa Wehbe: Badde dress ma byefham lal NYE party Ok Zuz?
Zuhair Murad: Don’t worry Hayoufti! You’ll be the first to wear this dress in 2012.

A week after NYE 2011

Haifa Wehbe started 2012 in a grand ceremony in Biel downtown Beirut; the star looked sexier than ever in a Zuhair Murad dress similar to the one previously worn by Latin bombshell Jennifer Lopez. [Link]

Haifa Fans: Jennifer lopez wore the same dress as Haifa Wehbe. [Link]

[Jennifer Lopez] [Haifa Wehbe]

4 thoughts on “Zuhair Murad: Like a boss

  1. Hisham Assaad

    miniyyi hay l fraykha li tal3a to3rod jesma? She ruined the dress! People! see the queen! Hayyoufti!
    Love you haifa!

    A i-like-haifa-no-matter-what-she-does fan

    (of course im sarcastic, i like haifa, but i would never go through that way)


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