Roadster introducing smaller forks

9 years ago
I was dining at Roadster yesterday when I noticed their forks have shrunk. I asked for a normal fork but apparently that’s all they got now. It’s not really a big deal but why would ...

Tiny forks no more

8 years ago
As explained by Roadster Diner, the tiny forks Mark & I complained about were not small but had a thinner front. Nevertheless, forks with wider front are back with the new menu. Thank you RD!

Tiny Forks at Roadster

9 years ago
When Najib posted about it I thought it was silly but I got to try their new forks this past weekend and I was like WTF? At first I thought they might have given me ...

Roadster Diner: New Look, New Menu But The Same Great Quality & Service

4 years ago
Roadster’s new menu and the whole new re-branding have been the talk of the town for the past few weeks and there seems to be a lot of mixed opinions on RD’s new identity and ...

Roadster Still The Best Diner In Lebanon!

7 years ago
Roadster’s Latest addition to their menu – The Route 66 Burger I was reading NoGarlicNoOnion’s latest post “Dear Roadster: Wake UP and Smell the Competition!” and felt compelled to answer some of the stuff mentioned ...