Two drones struck Dahieh over the last weekend, one blowing up and the other one failing to donate according to Hezbollah sources. The drones contained 5.5 kilos of C4 explosives according to the same source, but we haven’t heard yet any official statement from the Lebanese army in regards to that matter.

Where did these drones come from? All the way from Israel? From the sea? From an inside location? No one knows and given past incidents, we will probably never get a proper answer (like most incidents & scandals in Lebanon), not that it would matter anyway. The sure thing is that everyone has turned into a drone expert in Lebanon. Analyzing the drone size, its specs, comparing it to other UAFs and more nonsense. Israel has denied so far being behind the attacks, but they do that a lot then acknowledge them weeks or months later.

As far as flying a drone all the way into Beirut, and whether it’s technologically feasible, I don’t have much knowledge on this most recent drone warfare but I know if anyone is capable of pulling it off, it’s the IDF. Still, and as I stated earlier, it’s pretty useless to try to prove if it’s Israel or not, because they’re arrogant enough to start a war without excuses and we’re still at war technically speaking since 2006 and before that!

What we could question and argue about is the silly decision of the government to control the purchase of drones following this incident. We already need a license to own a drone, and need to acquire a permit every time we want to use a drone. How about you control the illegal smuggling taking place at the port and airport? Because that’s the real problem, not the drones.