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Driving in Hamra

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Driving in Lebanon can turn any calm & cool person insane! I am usually cool while driving but Lebanese drivers are becoming unbearable and the traffic lights are even making things worse, whereas you have to double check every time you pass a green light!

To illustrate what i am talking about, i thought of filming every time i am trying to pass a traffic light, mainly in Hamra where people drive like crazy. Of course i fix my camera on the steering wheel so i stay focused 🙂

One minor issue in uploading videos is that it takes forever with the impressively turtle-slow connections we have here. It took me 30 minutes to upload a 6MB video (17 seconds). [YouTube]

Can't figure it out …

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Since i get stuck in traffic almost every day on my way to work, i waste time checking out places or ads or cars or whatever is on my way. There’s this new place that opened recently on Dbayyeh maritime road and i can’t figure out its name yet and it’s starting to piss me off. So if anyone knows what that writing is, i would be grateful 🙂

I know it sounds lame, but when it’s on your way every day, you can’t just ignore it.

Here’s the writing. Is it uyarin ? I thought of M.RDesignuranium but that makes no sense. Plus if they meant Mr.Designuranium, then the dot is wrongly placed.

Pubbing in Antelias

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After Jounieh, it’s time for Antelias to kick off its night life. There is a whole street now in Antelias full of Shisha places, restaurants and now even pubs. Carlitos is the first pub in that region, it’s been open for few months now and is very similar in its design and atmosphere to Habana in Jounieh and Pacifico in Monot.

I went there yesterday without reservation and found two decent seats on the bar. I ordered my usual Vodka on the rocks and my gf had a Salad (Ensalada de Ticos) which looked yummy. We got there at around 9:10 pm, there were few people but all tables were reserved. At 10 pm, i barely had any space left to move my feet. Surprisingly though, there were few young people at the place, but rather older couples.

The great thing about Carlitos, like the pubs in Jounieh, is that you don’t have to drive all the way to Beirut and get stuck in traffic to have a drink.

Bassma Gala Dinner

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Bassma is organizing its Annual Gala Dinner at Sursock Palace Gardens on Wednesday 5th May.  Click on the above invite for the details.

Bassma is a non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the life of the poorest families, regardless of their political or religious backgrounds.

My friend once took me to one of their many activities.  They have a little place next to Gemmayze where they feed the poor.  They have several of these locations available in Lebanon.  I found it completely heart warming to see the ladies support the poor people who did show up.  It is nice to see that support is being provided to them.

They have several other social activities such as clothing assistance, welfare, and employment assistance.

Check out Bassma’s website for more details.  Also note, that Bassma is continuously looking for more volunteers.

Sabah Forever

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Sara’s bag just launched the Sabah Forever collection.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sara’s Bags you can read more about the brand and the designer, Sara Beydoun, here.

Unfortunately there is no option to order online but the bags are available in various countries in the region.  In Beirut they are located in Achrafieh.

Sara’s Bags are inspired by Middle Eastern culture while adhering to the latest trends.

I find some of their bags really funky and would love to get, whilst some are just nice to look at and smile (caused by the nostalgic feeling the bag creates).

Check it out and share your opinions 🙂

Lebanon Motor Show: Kunhadi

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I just got back from the motor show. Nothing too fancy or amazing, no prototypes, just regular cars or supercars that you see on the road. People were actually taking more pictures of the models displaying the cars than the cars themselves!

There are two big halls displaying a lot of brands followed by a section where banks promote their latest car loan offerings. At the end of the expo there is a labyrinth-like section with companies promoting car accessories, renting / leasing cars etc..

While walking around, I was hearing this loud crashing sound every couple of minutes. It turned out to be the “Seat Belt Convincer” from the stand.

For those who don’t know, Kunhadi is “an association for youth awareness on road safety“.

They have a very interactive website with data and statistics about car accidents in Lebanon and in my opinion these numbers are really alarming. I think everyone who likes to drive fast or drunk should take a look at their website and think twice before causing serious permanent damage to him / herself or others

The “Seat Belt Convincer” is a mechanical contraption whereby a volunteer sits in a chair that is then dropped on a downward slope at a relatively slow speed to simulate an accident.

The volunteers at the Kunhadi stand were doing a great job promoting awareness on the dangers of speeding and drunk driving.

Oil Prices Down (Except for Lebanon)

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“Fawwil 95 !”

What a bad idea that is these days. It cost me 97,000 LBP to refuel my car yesterday, while it used to cost me around 87,000 few weeks ago.

The Oil crisis was over months ago, oil prices dropped down all over the world, except for Lebanon where they keep rising and for no justifiable reason.