Liza Srour, The Last Remaining Jew in Beirut

Vice recently published an interview with Liza Srour, the last Jew residing in Wadi Bou Jmil in Beirut. I've read several articles on this woman and how Beirut’s Jewish quarter evolve from a thriving 100,000-person community to less than 50 registered “closeted” Jews today. Liza still lives in the old Jewish quarter in a run-down building set to be demolished, few meters away from the Serail. Most of the houses around her that were once…

Remembering The #ArmenianGenocide: Antoura School’s Mass Grave

When I first heard about Antoura's mass grave, it was truly troubling reading what these poor kids went through at the hands of the Ottomans as part of their ruthless "Turkification" program. What was supposed to be an orphanage was in fact a torture center where over 1,000 Armenian and Kurd children, aged between 3 and 15, "were subjected to the systematic Ottoman program of plunder, starvation, kidnapping, human trafficking, rape and murder". It was…

Footage from War-Ravaged Down Town Beirut

4 months ago
With April 13, the remembrance day of Lebanon’s war occurring today, I found this post-civil war footage by Nabil Chehade of Beirut’s Downtown. I remember we went to visit Down Town Beirut during my school ...

Awesome Shots from The Egg – Beirut

4 months ago
The Egg was built in 1966 by Lebanese architect Joseph Philip Karam. It was one part of a modernist set of buildings, a sort of multi-user complex including an egg-spaced shell and two high towers ...

Street Bike Stunts – Beirut 1979

5 months ago
If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the modern “Zouzou Ebba”, check out this 1979 video shot in Beirut with bikers pulling some crazy stunts. Zero security measures, zero safety and the bikers are ...

LAU Translates Oldest Book About #Beirut Into French, English & Arabic

5 months ago
Back in January, I was invited to attend a special event at the Center for Lebanese Heritage (CLH) at LAU where a translation of the very first book to be printed about Beirut was launched. ...

Remembering Dr. Charles H. Malik

7 months ago
Charles Habib Malik was a Lebanese Academic, philosopher and more importantly Lebanon’s first ambassador to the UN who helped, “more than any other delegate, helped railroad the Declaration to adoption without a single dissenting vote ...

War Hotels: Holiday Inn #Beirut Documentary

8 months ago
War Hotels is a new documentary series airing on Al Jazeera and exploring stories behind iconic hotels that were used during war. The Holiday Inn Beirut has long become a symbol of the Lebanese Civil ...
Old Lebanon

Silver Banknote 100 LBP Selling for LL800,000

9 months ago
I was browsing through Libanpost’s website when I came across a Silver 100 Lira Banknote selling for 800,000 LBP, almost 550$. The banknote dates back to 1945 and is different from the more recent 100 ...

Lebanese TV Channels that You May Have Never Heard Of

1 year ago
If you ask me about old Lebanese TV channels that were shut down, I can think of C33 and ICN but there’s more. I came across a FB post by a friend and an old ...