When Did The First Car Enter Lebanon?

Old Beirut shared a picture yesterday of the first car to enter in Lebanon, as per their claim. The car, which was brought to Lebanon in 1906 was owned by AUB President Dr. Howard Bliss at the time. Another source claims that the first car to enter Lebanon was owned by by Mr. Michel Sursock and then Dr. Graham back in 1905. However, AIA website disputes this claim by stating that Philippe Skaff was the…

2,600 Year-old Wine “Factory” Discovered Five Miles South of Sidon

National Geographic shared an amazing discovery today by archaeologists in Lebanon, who have "unearthed new evidence of the extensive overseas trade in wine by the ancient Phoenicians, with the discovery of the oldest wine press in Lebanon". The excavations at Tell el-Burak have revealed the well-preserved remains of a wine press used from at least the seventh century B.C, which is the earliest wine press ever found in the Phoenician homelands. Read the full article…

Proclamation of the State of Greater Lebanon: Full Text

3 months ago
September 1 marks 100 years since the proclamation of the state of Greater Lebanon. Back in 1920, General Gouraud sat next to Maronite Patriarch Elias Peter Howayek at the porch of the Pine Residence in ...

Old Footage Shows The Beatles Arriving in Beirut

5 months ago
The Beatles never performed in Beirut but they did make a refueling stop at Beirut’s airport back in 1964 on their way to Hong Kong. The trip included several refueling stops and lasted over 24 ...

12 Colorized Old Pictures of #Lebanon

8 months ago
LiveLoveBeirut shared today 25+ stunning old photos of Lebanon for the first time. The pictures are colorized, and include areas like Bcharre, Beirut, Nahr el Kalb, Baalbeck and others. I selected my favorite 12 shots, ...

Tripoli (Victoria) Naval Cemetery

9 months ago
We’ve all been to Tripoli, but I bet few of you know that there’s a naval cemetery from WWII in Al Mina. The cemetery is managed and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), ...
Old Lebanon

Ten Haunting Pictures from Lebanon’s Civil War

1 year ago
I stumbled upon a couple of pictures of the civil war taken by French Photographer Raymond Depardon, and looked up online to see if there are any galleries related to Beirut. There were two; one ...
Old Lebanon

Liza Srour, The Last Remaining Jew in Beirut

1 year ago
Vice recently published an interview with Liza Srour, the last Jew residing in Wadi Bou Jmil in Beirut. I’ve read several articles on this woman and how Beirut’s Jewish quarter evolve from a thriving 100,000-person ...

Remembering The #ArmenianGenocide: Antoura School’s Mass Grave

1 year ago
When I first heard about Antoura’s mass grave, it was truly troubling reading what these poor kids went through at the hands of the Ottomans as part of their ruthless “Turkification” program. What was supposed ...

Footage from War-Ravaged Down Town Beirut

1 year ago
With April 13, the remembrance day of Lebanon’s war occurring today, I found this post-civil war footage by Nabil Chehade of Beirut’s Downtown. I remember we went to visit Down Town Beirut during my school ...