A popular passport vintage collector Instagram account shared a rare passport from the 1945-1948 era on his page. The passport was issued at the Lebanese consulate in Cairo to a Lebanese businessman named Jack Bassili. You could see from the [video] that the passport dates back to Lebanon’s independence era and has several vintage stamps on it. What’s amazing is this post somehow found its way to the son of Jack Bassili, John Bassili who left a comment giving further details about his father.

Hi, my name is John Bassili and I am the son of Jack Bassili. I now live in New Zealand. I was indeed fascinated by the fact that old passports could be collectors’ items. Thank you for posting and thank you for looking after the passport. My father, although a Lebanese was a timber importer in Egypt. As a family we often travelled from Lebanon to Egypt where we lived. My father sadly died relatively young in an April 1972. I myself was as born in December 1941. An interest fact you might not have realised. The ship Cyrenia was built for a New Zealand shipping company and was called’ TSS Maunganui https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TSS_Maunganui.