Meet Sara Balawalashi

Whenever you meet new people in Lebanon whether at work or at college or when out with friends, there's always this one person who wants to know your family name, where you're from to try figure out your religious and political background. We do live in a judgmental society, that's no surprise, and there's not much one can do except ignore people who want to know your socio-religious background and your family tree even before…

#Beirut Airport to get Fiber Optics & 5G By September 2019

Telecom Minister Mohammad Chouchair announced today that Beirut Airport will be equipped with fiber optics within 10 days and passengers will be eligible for 1 to 2 hours of free and fast internet . Added that, Beirut Airport will be the first in the world to offer 5G, which is not true given that several other airports already offer it worldwide. The last time we were promised decent internet at the airpot was back in…

Nbr of Passengers at Beirut Airport Reached 23,500 Yesterday: An All-time High

4 days ago
Every year around the same time, passengers leaving Beirut go through hell to get to their gates on time. Last week marked the highest number of passengers leaving RHIA in Lebanon’s history, peaking at 23,500 ...

US Raises Visa Prices for Lebanese, B1 / B2 Visas Not Affected

5 days ago
Below is the statement released by the US Embassy in Lebanon a couple of weeks back: The U.S. Government continuously re-evaluates reciprocity schedules worldwide to ensure that U.S. visa issuance fees are commensurate with fees ...

Paul Van Dyk To Perform on September 9th at The Gärten Beirut

5 days ago
The last time PVD was in town, Pier 7 was still open and he was performing there. Five years later, The international DJ & producer is coming back to Lebanon to perform at The Gärten ...

Wata: A Lebanese Cider

6 days ago
I always thought it was weird that cider is not that popular in Lebanon, knowing that apples account for 1/4 of the total fruit production of the country. Wata is the first Lebanese cider I ...

Surviving on $4 a Day

6 days ago
UNDP shared yesterday a powerful poverty stunt where bank cardholders were only able to withdraw $4 or its equivalent LL6000 from ATMs. When the bank’s officer showed up to listen to their complaints, he asked ...

Capernaum is on Netflix!

6 days ago
I posted recently on Lebanese movies available to watch on Netflix and Capernaum wasn’t there. I saw someone post on Facebook today that it’s there so I checked again and found it! If you haven’t ...

Movie Review: The Lion King [2019]

1 week ago
The Lion King was the first-ever movie I bought as a videocassette. I even bought the booklet and collected all the stickers back then. Even though it’s been released some 25 years ago, I still ...

Greater Beirut Public Transport Project

1 week ago
Over the past few years, congestion in and out of Beirut has been a major issue. Over 600,000 vehicles access Beirut from the North, South and East regions. Some solutions have included public transport but ...