Librairie Antoine Beirut Souks is Temporarily Closed

The iconic "Librarie Antoine" book store at the Beirut Souks has officially shut down today after a farewell ceremony in honor of the victims of the August 4 Port explosion. The ceremony was led by authors Joumana Haddad & Akl Awit and the book store was closed indefinitely afterwards. Source: This marks the end of an era but does not come as a surprise as the Souks have been empty for quite some time…

After “Lightyear”, Lebanese General Security Bans “Minions: The Rise of Gru”

Lightyear, the prequel to Pixar's Toy Story franchise, was banned in Lebanon back in June for featuring a brief kiss between a same-sex couple. 13 other Middle Easter and Asian countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and the UAE, decided to ban the movie because of that scene. Today, the Lebanese General Security has decided to ban the latest Minions movie from cinemas without officially stating the reason behind the ban. According to Megaphone…

Beirut First Club Defeats Riyadi To Claim First Title

2 months ago
Beirut First Club defeated Riyadi in Game 7 tonight to claim its first ever Lebanese Basketball League title. Beirut was down 2-0 in the series before pulling an incredible comeback and winning the series at ...

Furn Beaino Coming to Dubai!

5 months ago
My favorite Lahm Baajine place in Lebanon is opening soon in Dubai! I’ve known for a while now that they’re considering opening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in 2022 but I don’t have the exact ...

1,043 Candidates For The 2022 Elections, Only 15% Are Women

5 months ago
The number of candidates running for the 2022 parliamentary elections is officially 1,043 candidates, versus 976 candidates in the 2018 elections. Out of these 1,043 candidates, only 155 are women. The youngest candidate is 26-year ...

Heritage Buildings of Beirut Placed on 2022 World’s Monuments Watch

5 months ago
The World Monument Fund has decided to place for this year the heritage buildings of Beirut and their surrounding on the 2022 World Monument Watch. This decision comes following the heavy damages that these houses ...

BASE jump From Habtoor Hotel Roof

5 months ago
Lebanese Extreme sports athlete Mikel Khalil shared few weeks back a video on Insta where he’s BASE jumping from the roof of the Habtoor hotel. I haven’t heard of him before, but he has some ...

Have You Tried Worldle? NOT Wordle!

5 months ago
I’m sure everyone has played wordle at least once so far, and if you’re hooked on it like myself, you’ve probably tried the French version, the Arabic version or even the unlimited version. However, there’s ...

Tokyo Restaurant – Beirut

5 months ago
I love discovering or reading about old gems in Beirut and I’m surprised I had never heard about Tokyo restaurant until today. In fact, I passed right next to it countless times but for some ...

“Picture Perfect”, A Children’s Book Commemorating Beirut Blast’s 3-Year Old Victim Alexandra Najjar

6 months ago
I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for Najla el Khatib to try and write down her sister’s story, but I can only admire her courage and perseverance in coming up with this ...