We Need More Apple Picking Venues in Lebanon

Every year since the Syrian crisis began, Lebanese apple farmers are in crisis. They're unable sell their apple and exporting them is too costly. Every year, farmers have no choice but to leave their apples to rot and their orchards abandoned. There are several initiatives being taken to reduce the crop wastage, from turning apple to cider, or coming up with apple-based products but the problem is still there. One thing that caught my attention…

A Saudi-like Shisha-Tax Could Work in Lebanon

Saudi Arabia implemented last week a highly controversial Shisha tax that is angering a lot of people online. To sum it up, you get taxed 100% on your bill at any Shisha cafe or restaurant that serves Shisha even if you don't order one. I don't understand why those who don't order Shisha will get taxed as well, but I love the idea behind such a tax and I think it could work in Lebanon.…

Lebanese Army Commando Regiment Takes Part in Spain’s National Day Parade

12 hours ago
Lebanese soldiers from the Commando Regiment took part this year in the parade in Madrid on the occasion of the Spanish National Day. Last year, The Spanish Army raised the Lebanese flag during a military ...
Movies & Television

Vice & BBC Reports on Lebanon’s Green Gold (Cannabis)

1 day ago
One estimate suggested that the Lebanese authorities could earn somewhere between half a billion and one billion dollars yearly if they were to legalize cannabis. However, the idea seems far-fetched at the moment even though ...

Mastika Launches Gold Flavored Gums, with Hilarious Slogans

1 day ago
I just spend the last half hour reading comments on that Mastika FB post. They’re poking fun at Hariri’s latest scandal (among other things) and engaging in hilarious exchanges with their followers. Obviously, some people ...

Whisky Live Beirut At Seaside Pavilion Till October 12th

2 days ago
Whisky Live Beirut is back for the fourth year in a row at the Seaside Pavilion from October 10th till October 12th. More than 60 specialist producers, distributors and suppliers will be offering you the ...

Lack of Sponsors & Funds Threatening The Lebanese Basketball League

5 days ago
The President of the Lebanese Basketball association warned yesterday that the league may be under threat and that they cannot keep going without sponsors or financial support. The truth is the teams, the players, the ...

UAE Lifts Travel Ban to Lebanon: What does That Mean?

5 days ago
After Saudi Arabia lifted its travel warning back in February, the UAE today has announced that it will lift the travel ban to Lebanon. The decision was announced after a Lebanese delegation led by PM ...

“Tafah El Kel”: Enough is Enough

1 week ago
For the past few months, we have seen more than a few crises and protests occurring on a regular basis either for political, economical or social reasons. Elie Alpha, a young architect student, created a ...

Lebanese-Russian Blend: Maya Waked Performing Live in Beirut on November 1

1 week ago
She’s a talented novelist and singer, she launched her first album back in 2013 and her most recent single back in 2017 and she’s coming to perform live in Beirut on November 1st for a ...