Lebanese-Canadian Owner of Paramount Fine Foods Awarded $2.5M in Hate Speech Lawsuit

The verdict is being labeled as the largest cyber verdict that’s sitting on the record right now, after Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Ferguson ordered two anti-Muslim activists, defendant Kevin J. Johnston and Ranendra Banerjee to pay $2.5-million in damages to Mohamad Fakih, the owner of Paramount Fine Foods, a Lebanese-born businessman. Johnston had accused Fakih and his customers of being “jihadists", and claimed was an “economic terrorist” with backing from the Pakistani spy agency.…

A Short Film on Lebanese Journalist, Writer & Political Thinker Kamel Mroue

The latest leaked video of General Lebanon Union's head disrespecting Patriarch Sfeir has re-ignited the debate on freedom of expression and how the authorities should handle such situations. Obviously we all agree that what Asmar said is tasteless and despicable but we need to stay alert on the state of freedom of expression in this country and how the authorities are tweaking & abusing existing laws to limit these freedoms. While reading few articles on…

The Power Of Taouk To Unite

1 day ago
A Nejmeh vs Ansar football game ended with yet another brawl and a picture showing two young men fighting quickly went viral. Sandwich W Noss took the opportunity to get these two fans together and ...

Lebanese Swimmers Excel at 2019 Tunisian Open Masters

3 days ago
On the 1st of May, three Lebanese swimmers made their mark at the Tunisian Swimming Open Masters by obtaining 23 medals and being ranked 9th out of the 80 international teams present. The brothers Ali ...

Pictures of Beirut’s Planned New Corniche

5 days ago
Beirut Municipality is set to revamp Beirut’s corniche to add new bike lanes, greenery and more. Vladimir Djurovic, a Lebanon-based landscape architect, has been contracted to design the project and works should begin later in ...

Patriarch Sfeir’s Coffin Carved by Rudy Rahme

5 days ago
Renowned sculptor and painter Rudy Rahme carved Patriarch Sfeir’s coffin on the trunk of an olive tree from Kadish Valley and using Bkerke’s rocks. Rahme explained that the trunk bears witness to the history of ...

Under the Cedar Tree

5 days ago
Check out this beautiful film showcasing how artist Tom Young transformed the Grand Sofar Hotel in Lebanon into a centre of creative education for children and students. Young is famously known for being the first ...

A Poignant Graffiti to Sum Up The Kafala System

5 days ago
Protesters marched last week in Beirut against the Kafala system, urging the authorities to end this “inherently abusive” migration sponsorship system and change the labour law to offer domestic workers more protection. NGOs and local ...

Thursday National Mourning Day For Maronite Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir

1 week ago
PM Hariri’s office has announced that Wednesday and Thursday will be national mourning days over the death of former Maronite patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir and that all public administrations and municipalities and public and private institutions ...

The Proposed Austerity Budget: A Recipe for Chaos

1 week ago
“Lebanons is nearing fiscal crunch”, “Lebanese PM Warns of Catastrophe”, “EBRD urges Lebanon to pursue painful economic reforms to avoid crisis”, “Lebanon Is Facing an Economic and Environmental Disaster” and “As Lebanon leaders talk austerity, ...