“Pierre Sadek … Picture History” Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

The Pierre Sadek Foundation revealed yesterday that an exhibition entitled "Pierre Sadek... Picturing History" will take place in Abu Dhabi from November 21 till November 24 2022. The exhibition is organized by the the Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the Lebanese Embassy in the UAE and in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation. The exhibition will take place At Bab el Qasr Hotel in Al Dana Ballroom between…

Roadster Diner Opens its First Dubai Branch!

Roadster Diner has officially opened its first UAE branch at Dubai Hills Mall . Lebanon's iconic diner has been offering delivery services for quite some time in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and will now offer Dubai peeps its casual and unique dining experience. This marks Roadster's first international outlet in addition to its 17 outlets in Lebanon. Here are few pictures of the new Dubai branch:

Bachir Ice Cream: Dubai Branch Coming Soon

1 month ago
Bachir Ice Cream, or Bouza Bachir as we know it, will soon be available in three new locations in the UAE: Al Jada, Sharjah and very soon in Dubai. Right now, you can find Bachir’s ...

U.S Brokered Lebanon-Israel Maritime Deal: Good or Bad?

1 month ago
18 months ago, the Lebanese government was expected to sign decree No.6433/2011 to preserve its maritime rights during the ongoing indirect discussions with the Israeli side. However the government decided to disregard this request and ...

Clément’s Outstanding French Pastries & Signature Desserts Now Available in the UAE

1 month ago
Clément’s out-of-this-world pastries & desserts are now available for delivery & pick up in the UAE and I can never recommend these guys enough! From the plain croissants with the crispy outer shell, flaky layers ...

Furn Beaino Coming to Dubai!

8 months ago
My favorite Lahm Baajine place in Lebanon is opening soon in Dubai! I’ve known for a while now that they’re considering opening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in 2022 but I don’t have the exact ...

Xposure To Sponsor Refugee Boy Photographed Reading A Book in The Garbage

9 months ago
Rodrigues Mghames’ photo of the 10-year old boy reading in the garbage dump, which went viral on all social media channels, has been featured in this year’s XPOSURE International Photography Festival, and the festival has ...

Lebanese Nabu Museum To Return 337 Ancient Artifacts to Iraq

9 months ago
Nabu Museum was inaugurated in 2018, but little did we know that hundreds of its antiquities were actually smuggled from Iraq following the 2003 US invasion and what the years of war and instability that ...

Lebanon Dropped from Abu Dhabi’s “Green List”

10 months ago
Abu Dhabi has officially dropped several countries from its “Green List” which now includes 71 countries. Among the countries dropped are the UK, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Russia and Lebanon. All travelers arriving from the green ...

Zaatar W Zeit Now Open in Egypt

11 months ago
Zaatar W Zeit has officially opened its first branch in Egypt. The branch will be located in New Cairo at White by The Waterway. The opening day was on Friday the 26th of November. Zaatar ...