How To Help 3ammo Hamed, The Old Taxi Driver Working with an Oxygen Tank

A picture showing an elderly man driving his taxi while on oxygen has gone viral online, which prompted a Good Samaritan to try locate the old man and see how we can help him. Hadil Ismail visited Hamed Sleiman in his hometown 3assoun in Donnieh. He's a father of three, has a heart problem and is living on oxygen tanks at home and while driving his cab. 3ammo Hamed still works because he needs to…

Meet The Female Members of Al Mina’s Municipal Police

Take note Broumana: This is the right way to empower women and encourage them to join the municipal police. You don't need to "sexualize" them by dressing them in sexy shorts in order to empower them. The recruitments of females in Lebanon’s Municipal Police falls under a “new vision for Lebanon’s Municipal Police” developed by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities , with the support of UNDP. Out of Al Mina's 21 newly recruited police…

Alarming Suicide Numbers in #Lebanon: How You Can Help

1 month ago
According to statistics released by the ISF, the average number of suicide cases throughout the past ten years in Lebanon is 119, with the highest recorded number being 143 in 2017. This means that 1 ...

A Valentine Proposal She’ll Never Forget

2 months ago
I did not see that coming to be honest. That’s one proposal she will never forget and that anyone watching it will struggle to forget as well. A powerful and strong message from UNICEF. Well ...

TV Anchors Disappear to Shed Light on Lebanon’s Missing Persons

4 months ago
Over 17,000 people disappeared in Lebanon during the civil war, and little has been done to unveil their fate and comfort their families. In an attempt to shed light on this issue on the International ...

#AFEMENA: The Difference Between Flirting and Harassment

4 months ago
The Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE) has launched 16 days of activism against Gender based violence and is sharing very powerful and insightful videos to help people understand the difference between flirt and ...

1745: A New Hotline to Report Domestic Violence in #Lebanon

5 months ago
In collaboration with the NGOs KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the National Commission For Lebanese Women (NCLW), the Lebanese internal security forces have issued a new hotline “1745” to receive ...

So What if Nishan hosted a Male Stripper?

6 months ago
When I saw the video of a male stripper performing on Nishan’s new show on Al Jadeed, I was like why are all these TVs sinking to new lows but then I looked up the ...

#Dawwi_3alGhalat: Himaya Launches New Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse

6 months ago
One out of six kids in Lebanon are victims of a kind of sexual abuse. The number is scary but it’s true and the only way to prevent further child abuse is by reporting them. ...

Divorced Lebanese Women To have Children Listed in Family Register

7 months ago
When a woman gets married in Lebanon, her name is removed from her father’s family register and added to her husband’s. However in the event of a divorce, the woman’s register is moved back to ...