Solidarity is the only way forward to overcome COVID-19 and we’ve seen tons of awesome initiatives in Lebanon by various businesses, NGOs and even on an individual level. Health front-liners, from nursing, doctors, administrative teams, Red Cross volunteers and more, were the ones facing the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19, and deserved every bit of support.

For that sake McDonald’s Lebanon went above and beyond by awarding the McDonald’s Golden Card, a first of its kind card that was issued to pay tribute to the commitment, courage and hard work of the RHUH medical heroes (including doctors and nurses, respiratory therapists, x-ray and lab technicians, orderlies, cleaners and all support staff at the COVID-19 section at the RHUH). The Golden card holders are entitled to more than 90 McDonald’s and McCafĂ© meals over a one-year period.

The families of RHUH’s healthcare staff also got their share when with over 1,000 meals distributed to their homes/door steps as part of the #McDonaldsCares campaign. The Lebanese Red Cross heroes were also served 3000+ meals as part of McDonald’s “Big Macs for Big Hearts” initiative.

We’re all in this together. Supporting frontline healthcare and emergency service workers has been crucial to battling the COVID-19 pandemic and Lebanon’s McFamily has done its part.