The Worst Video Clip of 2020?

Who would have though someone might overthrow Rola Yammout for the worst and most disturbing video clips ever? Well there you go. We have a winner and his name is Star Dodi. If you wish to ruin someone's morning, just send him the link 😂😂

How To Promote Lebanese Sports in The Worst Way Possible

This video was too painful to watch. When you're able to group all these brilliant Lebanese athletes together, the least you can do is engage a good production team. The lyrics and tune are cliche and average, but the video is below average, it's a disgrace actually. WTH were they thinking? Who gave the green light for this monstrosity to go online? Just take a look at the effects 😂😂 And here's the masterpiece:

Lebanon’s Government Wants to Build a Beirut – Bekaa Tunnel

3 weeks ago
While checking my drafts last night, I noticed I hadn’t published a post on the Beirut – Chtaura tunnel plan that was recently approved by the Lebanese government. The draft law passed in parliament gives ...

Thawra is not Dead, Thawra is Now a Lifestyle!

3 months ago
“We were doing so much better before the Revolution” “Banks were giving us our money normally before the protests started” “This Revolution has destroyed the economy” “What did the Revolution achieve? We were leading a ...

Get Ready for an Epic NYE 2019 Party in Beirut

5 months ago
An epic NYE party will take place tomorrow in Beirut starting 7 PM. The party is free of charge and open to all who wish to celebrate the end of 2019 and the start of ...

WTF is Mike Feghali Wearing?

5 months ago
Is it a self-hugging shirt? Is he imitating Goro from Mortal Kombat? Is there a masseuse hiding behind him? Did he borrow someone’s hands? If you’re drunk enough tomorrow, watch 52 minutes of Mike Feghali ...

Lebanese Singer Buzzed Off the Stage at America’s Got Talent

8 months ago
Update: His named is Ra’ed Saadeh and took part in the #MBCTheVoice as well. His performance was much better back then. Via @Ghazayel. I’m guessing this guy is Lebanese since he said his name is ...

Fady Kassab Wins 2019 Australian Raw Comedy National Competition

10 months ago
Lebanese-Australian Fady Ghassan Kassab has won the 2019 Raw Comedy National Championship in Melbourne, beating 1000 other standup comedians taking part in the event. Originally for Ain el Delb in Saida, the 43 years old ...

El Hawa Saratan

10 months ago
According to a 2011 study, 93% of Beirut’s population and a big majority of areas outside Beirut are exposed to high levels of air pollution largely caused by diesel generators. Add to that the increasing ...

Beirut Airport to Get Decent Internet (Third time’s a Charm?)

10 months ago
Ever since I started blogging here, I hear about Beirut’s airport finally getting some decent (& free) internet and it still did not happen. In fact, we had at least weird looking internet machines few ...