Chiyah Cell Phone Store With The Weirdest Marketing Stunts

When I accidentally saw one of his videos, I thought it was a joke but the store is very real and the person behind it is relentlessly producing new stunts and I have to say they're quite catchy, lame and cringe but catchy. Too bad it's only his videos that are interesting, as the products he's selling seem all fake or counterfeit 😂

Energy Ministry Launched a Useless App To Track Fuel & Gas Prices

We have 4 or 5 different rates for the Lebanese Lira in the market and no one, including the Central Bank, is capable of controlling the fluctuations, but the genius minds behind the Energy Ministry decided to launch an app during a press conference to provides us with the latest gas & fuel prices. How will this app benefit the Lebanese people? What's the point of knowing the latest fuel & gas prices when the…

The “Official” Justification For Postponing The Municipal Elections

1 month ago
I think the whole world knows by now that Lebanese politicians are a joke, yet the Lebanese parliament seems adamant to show to what extent they’ve become incompetent and negligent. The below is a leaked ...

Claudine Kamar’s Hilariously Relatable Comics About Everyday Life

1 month ago
It takes a special talent to translate everyday struggles into fun comics, especially in a country plagued by so many problems, but Claudine Kamar, or as she prefers to be called Lemy, does it perfectly. ...

After Scream 6, Barbie To Be Banned in Lebanon?

1 month ago
Scream 6 got banned in Lebanon and the Middle East due to one scene that included LGBTQ+ characters, and it looks like Barbie is set to be banned as well as it includes gay characters. ...

Tintin au Liban (Full Issue)

2 months ago
A while back, I stumbled upon a short video depicting a Tintin au Liban parody edition. The video showed an English edition which seemingly was issued by the National Lampoon magazine, an American humor magazine ...

Ali Al-Hadi Tlaiss – Another Fake “Brilliant Inventor” Story

6 months ago
Fake news have been traveling online about a brilliant inventor from Lebanon who apparently broke three Guinness World Records, as “The Youngest Engineer in the World”, “The Youngest Inventor to Obtain a Patent for an ...

The Lamest Ad For 2022

1 year ago
The only person that could possibly pull a lamer ad than this one could only be Dr Food. Not only is this guy obnoxious and arrogant, but he also comes up with very lame ads ...

After Wooden Bakery’s “Unbeatable” Offer, Moulin D’or Strikes Back

1 year ago
The price of the cheese Man’oushe at Wooden Bakery has dropped from LL36,000 to LL32,000 which is apparently a valid reason to hit out at expats who left the country and can no longer enjoy ...

Naim Halawi 2022 Predictions

1 year ago
It was quite pathetic but not surprising to see all Lebanese TVs hosting psychics and clairvoyants on NYE. I miss the old days where they actually did an effort to come up with a heart ...