Naim Halawi 2022 Predictions

It was quite pathetic but not surprising to see all Lebanese TVs hosting psychics and clairvoyants on NYE. I miss the old days where they actually did an effort to come up with a heart warming story or broadcast some quality stuff. Anyway, if you're looking for the most accurate and precise predictions for 2022, Naim Halawi is your man 😂!

Inverted Kuwaiti Flag Placed instead of Emirati Flag At Mohamed Bin Zayed Hospital Centre Opening

Today was the opening of the "Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Emirati-Lebanese Hospital Centre for the Treatment of COVID-19 Patients" on the Beirut seafront today. The center has a capacity of approximately 80 beds, which will help receive patients, diagnose them and giving them the needed treatment before transferring them to hospitals, if needed. While this is good news, the Lebanese authorities showed their appreciation for the Emiratis by misplacing a Kuwaiti flag instead of the…

BDL is Blaming Facebook & Google on the Lira Collapse

2 months ago
Forget the decades of corruption, the third highest public debt-to-gross domestic product, the state-sponsored Ponzi scheme, the real cause behind the Lira collapse, aside from the notorious yet invisible US blockade of course, is Google ...

Who Are the Thawra Avengers?

3 months ago
We’ve had tons of new movements popping left and right ever since the revolution started, including a group whose logo has the “Avengers” on it with the Thawra first in the background. Those “Thawra Avengers” ...

Lebanese Government Formation Commonly Used Terms

4 months ago
Lebanon has been without a fully functional government for over a year now, and is headed towards more chaos and poverty amid a worsening social and economic crisis. Despite all that, the political parties fighting ...

[Spoiler Alert] What Happens To Beirut In The Movie Greenland?

10 months ago
Ever since the situation started deteriorating in Lebanon, especially in 2020 where we had to face an economic crisis, a pandemic, a collapsing Lira and the August 4 blast, many Lebanese would jokingly wish for ...

New Foreign Affairs Minister Finally Showing on Ministry Website

10 months ago
The above picture is showing the former Foreign Affairs minister, but if you visit the MFA’s website and click on its social media channels, you will be directed to the former minister instead of the ...

Caretake PM Hassan Diab is Not Happy With His Salary

10 months ago
Our grumpy good-for-nothing caretake PM Hassan Diab apparently has time to give interviews to foreign media. In his most recent interview with Financial Times, he was complaining on how he’s stuck in office on less ...

Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad is Joining The World’s Longest Zoom Meeting

10 months ago
The Lebanese Ministry of Information tweeted yesterday that minister Abdel Samad has received an invitation to host the longest Zoom meeting in the world that is expected to last more than 28 hours. The event ...

Where Did the Bank Deposits Go?

1 year ago
Between end of 2018 and February 2020, 98,885 accounts were closed in Lebanese banks, the majority holding between 5 and 30 Million Liras. $21.3 Billion Dollars is the total amount of cash withdrawn from banks ...