Latest Lalaland News: BDL Set to Introduce Digital Currency in 2021

BDL has been considering a digital currency since 2017 following the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and is apparently set to launch it in 2021, according to Governor Riad Salameh. The digital currency is destined exclusively for local use and aimed at easing payment methods but given the economic crisis we're going through, one has to wonder what's the purpose of wasting time and money on such a project. How will a digital currency…

Wissam Magdy Hilarious Clip on Trump 2020 Campaign

Egyptian Artist Wissam Magdy remade an old song dedicated to Egypt's dictator Hosni Mubarak and turned it into a pro-Trump song. For those who haven't heard the original song, it was more of a small concert made to butter up Mubarak and it went on for 11 minutes . We have our own share of popular praise songs for leaders, but unlike Egyptians, we have 10 Hosni Mubaraks and it's impossible to overthrow them all…

Health Minister Says Lebanon Will Get COVID-19 Vaccine By End of Year

1 month ago
Our joke of a health minister has announced that Lebanon will be getting its share of COVID-19 vaccines by end of year or max by January 2021. However, he did not specify what vaccine we’re ...

The New “Electronic” Civil Registry Extract is NOT Electronic

2 months ago
When I saw the billboards promoting an electronic civil registry extract, I thought to myself that this is too good to be true, and it turned out to be a hoax. What they did was ...

When You Don’t Want the Authorities to Know You’re Selling Dollars

5 months ago
Everyone is selling & buying dollars in Lebanon and the easiest way to do so if you’re not a licensed exchanger is through WhatsApp groups. The black market is booming and those trading via WhatsApp ...

The Worst Video Clip of 2020?

6 months ago
Who would have though someone might overthrow Rola Yammout for the worst and most disturbing video clips ever? Well there you go. We have a winner and his name is Star Dodi. If you wish ...

How To Promote Lebanese Sports in The Worst Way Possible

6 months ago
This video was too painful to watch. When you’re able to group all these brilliant Lebanese athletes together, the least you can do is engage a good production team. The lyrics and tune are cliche ...

Lebanon’s Government Wants to Build a Beirut – Bekaa Tunnel

6 months ago
While checking my drafts last night, I noticed I hadn’t published a post on the Beirut – Chtaura tunnel plan that was recently approved by the Lebanese government. The draft law passed in parliament gives ...

Thawra is not Dead, Thawra is Now a Lifestyle!

8 months ago
“We were doing so much better before the Revolution” “Banks were giving us our money normally before the protests started” “This Revolution has destroyed the economy” “What did the Revolution achieve? We were leading a ...

Get Ready for an Epic NYE 2019 Party in Beirut

10 months ago
An epic NYE party will take place tomorrow in Beirut starting 7 PM. The party is free of charge and open to all who wish to celebrate the end of 2019 and the start of ...