I remember hearing about a Tiktoker going viral for reviewing bathrooms in luxury stores, claiming that high-end stores should have fancy bathrooms, but my interest in bathroom reviews stopped there.

It appears though that this trend hasn’t died yet and even reached Lebanon where people are reviewing random toilets now, including university and mall toilets, and asking people to recommend their favourite Lebanese bathrooms.

Is it just me who finds this whole trend disgusting and obnoxious? Why would you get yourself exposed to shitty toilets to go viral? And why would you want people to recommend toilets for you? The only angle I see is to raise awareness and push businesses to have cleaner bathrooms, but is it really worth? I haven’t heard of anyone not wanting to go to a restaurant or mall or a university because of their toilets.

All in all, there’s one public bathroom that doesn’t need reviewing and that everyone seems to go to to dump their sh*t, and that’s TikTok.