Get Ready for The COVID-19 Vaccine Fiasco

If you thought the way this government handled the pandemic was a mess, wait till they get their hands on the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines. According to this LBCI report, we're only getting the doses from Pfizer but the committee in charge of managing the pandemic is looking into other options as well. However, the real problem resides on storing and distributing the vaccines, and more importantly, how will the authorities decide who will…

Five Reasons Why Lockdowns are Failing in Lebanon

Let me start but saying that lockdowns in most countries around the world have turned into failed experiments, but quite often helped these same countries in planning the re-opening phase or implementing a second lockdown, or at least address some of the gaps found in their health care system. Unfortunately for us in Lebanon, we're in our third lockdown, if we were to consider the second "partial" lockdown as one, and we're still committing the…

Special K Cereals Among List of Subsidized Products by the Ministry of Economy

4 days ago
A friend shared a picture of a Special K cereals box he bought last week that had a label stating that it was subsidized by the Ministry of Economy. I also was listening to an ...

After Almost Four Months, Judge Leading Beirut Blast Probe is Backing Down

6 days ago
It’s been almost four months now since the Beirut port blast took place, and despite the overwhelming evidence proving the negligence and incompetence of several parties, from the customs to the port officials, security agencies ...

Why BDL’s Forensic Audit Was Doomed To Fail

1 week ago
The forensic audit was a key demand by the IMF and international donors prior to giving Lebanon any money, and Diab’s government announced back in July that they’re hiring Alvarez & Marsal to conduct the ...

Ogero Contract Ends on Jan 2021

2 weeks ago
The government hasn’t renewed yet Ogero’s contract and hasn’t paid Ogero a penny in 2020. This means that Ogero can no longer operate legally next year, and is already missing cables, spare parts and essential ...

Lebanon Only Member Country Not To Sign The Media Freedom Pledge

2 weeks ago
Maharat reported earlier today the below: “It was drawn to the attention of “Maharat Foundation” that Lebanon did not sign the final statement of the ministerial meeting of the 2020 Global Conference for Media Freedom, ...

Interior Minister on Sunday Food Delivery Ban: “Let Women Cook on Sundays”

2 weeks ago
The Interior Ministry wants to enforce a lockdown starting tomorrow, which he doesn’t believe in, and has decided to ban, among other things, delivery services after 5PM and all delivery services on Sundays. When asked ...

Latest Lalaland News: BDL Set to Introduce Digital Currency in 2021

2 weeks ago
BDL has been considering a digital currency since 2017 following the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and is apparently set to launch it in 2021, according to Governor Riad Salameh. The digital currency is ...

Lebanese Authorities Announce New Lockdown They Cannot Enforce

3 weeks ago
Ex-PM Hassan Diab announced yesterday a new two-week lockdown to contain the COVID-19 spread starting November 14 up until November 30. The airport will remain open, as well as vital industries and hospitals of course. ...